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CREATED TO BE BURNT IN HELL? Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Kassim Abba Dandago asks further in response to the question on QADR & DIVINE DECREE: Tj can u be created 4 the sake of being burnt in the hell? I know that no one 'questions Him about His actions'. He does what He wills.

 Tijjani Muhammad Musa answers thus:

Hell - Artist Impression
I have written an article on the subject of your further inquiry, but it is in a hardcopy format. It's part of my uncompleted, so unpublished book. Unfortunately the e-copy was lost when my PC crashed some years back. But, I'll have it re-typed and in shaa Allaah will float it here or send it into your inbox when it's ready. Then you might understand it better, I hope.

Before then, let me give you a brief explanation.
(NOTE PLS: Remember, this is my personal hypothesis. In the original article, there are verses from the Quran to buttress my thoughts, but it has not yet been submitted to some learned ulamas for vetting, corrections or observations etc. It is posted here strictly to sample your response to it, not as sacrosanct truth or an answer to you question like the one we are likely to provide from reliable sources with verses of the Quran, aHadith or ijma'i). It goes like this.....

NOW, assuming you are a genius artist who paint pictures like Picasso or DaVinci and their likes. Now having been to many international art shows and exhibitions to sell your artworks, you should be able to tell which ones will fetch which kind of interest or monetary exchange. And in an area where you are the only one who can create such original art works i.e. you hold a monopoly, you should be able to dictate your price!

From the many pieces you make, you can outrightly tell which will be revered, valuable, priceless, worthless, useless, disgraceful and so on. And since you are the only one who knows what it took for you to produce them, neither did you consult anyone nor sought for anybody's help or assistance in producing such exquisite and exotic pieces, you should be able to segregate them into their worth class, insure them and put the most cherished in special packaging cases and the least valuable separately in another set of bags or containers.

And subject to your expertise and experience, it would be pretty hard for you to miscalculate their worth and value in the international market, right? You see, you are an authority in the field, so your opinion about anything art worldwide is law, that's how authoritative you are among your likes.

Now having done a series of paintings, I am sure when venturing on a worldwide tour of art exhibitions, you should be able to categories the works into which ones to display in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium and so on and so forth. Which ones would fetch more in New York, California, San Francisco etc in America.

And some of the works, you would not even travel with them as they would amount to unnecessary load, burden, waste of space or a source of embarrassment to you. You might even decide to destroy them and not let anyone see them as your creations, you almost did that, but being fair and just you decided to test each piece for it's worth and give it a fair chance of proving you wrong.

So instead of leaving the lousy works of art behind or even destroying them, you decided to test them all, giving each an equal opportunity to deserve their place in the final anlysis. So you took them along as well and exposed them to the world exhibitions. Would it surprise you if any of the paintings meet or fail to meet your expectations, being the art guru that you are?

And at the end of your world tour, you then take stock and compare performances of each piece of artwork against your projection and anticipations. It is possible that some if not most of the works you forecast would have been sold, at which price, in which exhibition, bought by who, in which country etc. If you do not score 100% in your predictions, being human and so not perfect, you might end up with 75-90%.

This, to me is a similitude of Allaah SWT's recompense to HIS creations. By juxtaposing the artworks with mankind, it would immediately give one an insight into why some people are destined or decreed to go to hell. While some would be cherished and would go to Al-jannah.

 There are many among mankind who would ignore Allaah's Commands and Injunctions. Disobeying His Decrees and reject His Prophets and Messengers and the messages they convey to mankind from HIM. There are some who would commit Shirk. Some would not even acknowledge His Existence. Others would deny His Books, Angels, Qadr and disbelieve in The Last Day. This group Allaah SWT Who has fore knowledge of the future, Knows they would not make Him Pleased, though they are His Creations, because He has given them Freewill.

Then there are those who are the direct opposite of the above group. And like the other set of artworks which would fetch the satisfactory results anticipated of them, they would meet all expectations and would end up pleasing their Lord and Maker in every request directed towards them from HIM as conveyed by ALLAAH SWT through all His Prophets and Messengers from Adam AS to Muhammad SAWS. They are the ones Allaah Knows from the moment of Creating them would find their final abode in Paradise. This they too would achieve out of their God Given Freewill.

So each of Mankind is going through this earthly sojourn to justify his or her final abode in the Hereafter. So that evidences would be tendered against each and then none would be treated unjustly. The true knowledge about this is way way beyond our human understanding and faculties. It is in the realm of Al-Ilm i.e. ALLAAH Subhanau wa Ta'alah. We are only trying to philosophize about it.

Ultimately Allaahu Knows Best. May He AWJ forgive us our trespasses.

*** Taken from the forth coming book BEYOND IMAN by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

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