Tuesday, December 2, 2014

AND HEROES WERE BORN - (Scenes From Kano Central Mosque Bomb Blast)

...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

"Allahu Allahu Akbar, ash-hadu alla-ilah ha illallah
Ash-hadu anna Muhammadar rasooloollaah......"***
A jammed packed mosque expanded to welcome
More to success, so he gained access, pushing in
A struggle, a push, a shove, had many wondering
"Where are you going? Ain't no more space within"
Deaf, dumb and blind, still he staggered further in
His target he could not reach, so make do he had to
Delivering as ordained, a bomb-blast history'd archive.

Pandora-box opened a planned, panicky pandemonium
Helter-skelter, hither and thither, many ran for dear life
3 denizens of hell jumped on a low fence, pumping lead
As wholes got holes punctured to let ooze out red flows
Children, old, lame and the crippled got mass trampled
Not all ran away though, daredevils took opposite flights
Crashing into rotting, totting retards, routing them all out
In a blood bath, fit only for heroes of Islam's glorious past
For terminating lives unjustly, of them mince-meat was made.

He drove in, disrupting, densely displayed mats
Giving excuses, to inch closer and closer still
Into a crowd, trusting, unsuspecting, offering
"Salaam" to a mean mastermind mass murderer
By the edge of heaven, he parked and perched
Burning charcoal of hell, he flared of its inferno
He was going home and his passage is the blast
His mind was on fire, others sat to harvest bliss
A "Boom!" was his cue, soon the mad dog also blew!

He wasn't alone, for another pretender sat by
Dressed in fire, he scorched others unperturbed
Hidden by his side, a folded sprayer of hot steel
Averting glances, does snakes give preys a smile?
Soon he heard the bang, whisked out cold death
Dishing it out randomly from a crouched position
As he killed one, two, six, a few more worshipers
An old man jumped him, the struggle was fierce
Others joined the pool of blood, and heroes were born.

He heard multiple explosions, gunshots rent the air
Reality hit him, dreads of today's society are here
Abandoning all he came with, he took off as a bolt
Directionless, he scaled all hurdles and obstacles
And found himself, terrorized on a housewife's bed
"Hey! Hey!! From where? What's chasing you?"
"Bomb! Bomb!!" He blurted in shock, wide-eyed
"When? Where?" "Kano Central Mosque" he replied
Hijab in hand, she rushed out "My husband! My husband!"

Mayhem unleashed, broken! Emerges sanity from chaos
Dazed and confused, many were victims, lot of casualties
The dead count roses, the injured, bold were still bleeding
Broken bones, broken veins, with sound unbroken spirits
Humane humans wade in to help with humanitarian hampers
Vehicles, stacked, moved battered bodies to health centers
Blood donations call, the compassionates answered promptly
Another female suicide-bomber got stopped dead in her track.

I've often asked, if the Rasool was the one facing this
What would he have done? How would he tackle this?
Sit down and watch his umma taken down one by one?
The answer indeed lies with him, if only we but knew
And when Muhammad prophesy Muslims would be weak
Out of love of this world, I thought it'd not be in my era
But alas, I hereby bear witness! Killings in the guise of Islam
When Allah Clearly Says "There's no compulsion in religion"
Nor is it permissible to kill any, Muslim or Non-, unjustifiably.

(c)2014 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

***Islamic initiation for commencing salat i.e. obligatory prayer.

TRANSLATION - "Allah (God) is Great, Allah is Great. I bear witness
That there is none worthy of worship except Allah, (all alone)
I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah..."

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