Sunday, December 28, 2014

HUNTUROO IN SIBERIA Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Seasons come, seasons go
To them, none dare say "No."
I use to try, but better now I know.

Hunturoo's here cold, "O brrr" so chilly
Making many dress up, looking real silly
10 different colors, many a makeshift gypsy.

A pant, boxer short, trouser, style hacket
With countless, unreachable inner pockets
Vest, shirts, cardigan, sweater, shawl and jacket.

Heads in turban, mimicking middle-east Taliban
Ears frozen begging to outlast raging cold span
Many get hooded mindless there's a hijab ban.

Days go by devoid of sweet, warm sunshine
Itchy cracked skin, discomforting to the spine
Hot, steamy drinks, fires and a self-hug combine.

Harmattan roars, bearing fangs dripping icy spikes
Solaris cringes, intimidated, as a frozen wind strikes
Bones bristle, teeth clattering, voices exclaim "Yike!"s.

None feels the bite like the chaste and singles
To their lot, add the homeless, old, post-mingles
Who can't afford a warm blanket under shingles.

A breath from hell, icy winds, singing deadly tunes
Even devils dare not make them their caller-tunes
From its sizzling whip are made humorless cartoons.

Who's bold enough in you to go naked, stark
Surely not the lean, hungry, hunched in the dark
Except those in love, making love, igniting a spark.

Once in a while, oiling makes one look refined
How long the chills will last isn't clearly defined
Who dares a suntan in Siberia? A dumb, deaf and blind.

In cold of nights, many snuggle in-depth for warmth
Sleepless devils prowl streets, evil schemes thinketh
Light fills some hearts, as darkness hugs mother earth.

(c)2014 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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