Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Image result for earth ...by Poetic Tee, ”Here, take a sip"

Where are you running to?
Always in a hurry
Can anyone truly run
Faster than his legs
Without artificializing it
Or could your destination be
Beyond mother earth.

A waterfall in a rush
Of known source
Or uknown origin
Heading to sea
Its final destination
The ocean
And where does it run to?

Wherever are you off to
Can it be beyond earth?
Even if you take flight
Or get hauled in air
Like a stone thrown
Or a dislodged free fall
A shuttle launched, perhaps?

You always desire
A safe return home
In a hard thud
Or a wet splash
Pleased with the touch
Of silt sandy soil
Caressing your skin.

Ask the angels
And creatures
Who venture
Back and forth
between the twain
Seven heavens
And mother earth.

Ask those set forth
Cast afloat in space
In a stranded swim
Never to return
How sad, how lonely
How much they miss
Of the Blue Star.

(c)2014 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved


  1. To be candid, I find this piece boring.
    Just don't know why...

    1. Probably because it just hypes on something that is common knowledge or a common observation. Or because it is something you are already familiar very with, so needed not to be reminded of, thus it boring status to you.