Saturday, December 13, 2014

O BUHARI, MY CHAMPION. ‪#‎21Haiku‬ Poetic Tee, "Here, take a sip"

Once upon a time

By a coconut tree stood you
O disciplined one.

Weeds, pests in our farm
Nip in the bud, commenced you
Paused. Left for one day.

A winner you are
Upright, corrupt-free that's you
Sound qualities, apt.

They detest your rise
The guilty's afraid of you
Time for crimes ensured!

A race you ran once
Against a strong tide and you
Won, but was denied.

Amalinze stood
My Okonkwo, his champ, you
The villagers shun.

A rematch confirmed
To the gods they stoop, but you
Posterity judge.

A boat hit by storms
Ravaged, infested, then you
Cried for its pains. Sad.

Quitters never win
Many drum those beats for you
Winners never quit.

Come, O Sure-footed
Goliath vanquisher, you
David of old, now.

Ask Obasanjo
*Yar'Adua, floor each did you
That list, add Jo too.

Taste both Shekarau
Ribadu defeat by you
12 million votes!

Kwankwaso, Rochas
Ndah, Atiku and you

They gathered to choose
One from amongst five and you
God Has Seen through. True.

In a fair contest
Here, anywhere with you
Truth will always win.

Nigeria will
Learn democracy in you
APC, the civil.

A land distressed
By a cruel monster, yet you
A giant killer, slew.

I slept hugging hope
Afraid for myself and you
I woke, reassured.

PVCard or none
My vote is strictly for you
Mr. President Sir.

I will kiss the moon
Touch the scorching sun if you
Become king again.

For I dreamt of it
Brilliant light shines over you
Smiles dance to sweet sounds.

(c)2014 tijjani m. m.
all rights reserved

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