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Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un!

I first got wind of the blasphemous words of Abdul Nyass of Haqiqa sub-sect of the Tiijjaniyya Sect of Islam on the Rasool (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.) on a radio magazine program. Then I saw some posts on FB about it.

Many avoided repeating what the Luciferian in disguise uttered for the sheer gravity of his words. Then I heard the clip via a download and later heard a detailed recount of the event itself via an immediate raddi.

Though I've earlier been asked to comment on it, I refused to say a word until I know exactly who did or said what. Eventually I did and it got me emotionally paralyzed. My barely recomposed and devastated mind started thinking "What brand of psychotic madness is such a lunatic possessed of?"

I've interacted intellectually at various level with haters of Muhammad SAWS, some openly, others disguised and of course there are the hypocrites. Some atheists, others non-Muslims and some Muslims, yes Muslims and in all my encounters I have never come across this outrageous, outlandish, out-of-this-world fundamentalist.

None of the previously mentioned poisonous vermins could match the audacity of this denizen of hell! And to say he is a Muslim (well by virtue of his declaration of the kalimat) is indeed the most shocking and appalling part of the whole saga.

There are many sects in Islam, 73 in all according to our beloved Prophet SAWS, 72 of which are all doomed except 1, those who strictly abide by Allah's Quranic injunctions and His messenger's sunnah. Thus we know many a version of Islam do exist.

We have read about those that manifested in the past, we are witnesses to some in our time and read about others that will come in the future. So, this comes not totally as a surprise. It is expected, anticipated for our Prophet has warned us about their coming.

While some under the guise of being Muslims and under the banner of Islam introduce innovations of all sorts, other claim prophethood for their spiritual leaders, while others claim outright divinity for such leaders or even for themselves.

And now out of hatred and absolute jealousy, here is a sub-sect from an Islamic movement that relish in abusing Allaah AWJ Himself and His Messenger Muhammad SAWS because of another mere mortal, not even worthy of being mentioned here. Wa iya zubilLaah!

What is disheartening however is where this zindiq surfaced. In the least of all places for this to happen, here in Kano! My heart sank with sadness, crying tears of toxic blood for this unprecedented, monumental disrespect. "Gaskiya Allaah Ya isa!"

Under normal circumstances the whole place would have boiled over by now, but surprisingly things are under control. Perhaps, our populace are becoming emotionally and sentimentally more matured about their religious sentiments, just like they are about their politics.

Well all is calm at the moment due to the timely intervention of the authorities, who wasted no time in arresting the man that expressed such evil desecrating words against the prophet. They came out on the radio to condemn the act in its entirety, expressed intolerance for such inciting statements and have now charged him to court.

He has been given access to lawyers who we have heard will defend him, so that he gets a fair trial. Eventually, a judge will have to pass judgment on the case. So, patience should be our lot. May sound justice be served.

In Allaah SWT, let the believers put their trust.

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