Monday, May 25, 2015


And now the rejection, as usual starts.

Why is it that a group will always associate themselves with a person or party so long as their aim is served, until the person or group goes beyond a limit or does a touch down too early, too soon, then they immediately dissociate themselves with the person or party? Read this pls:


The Tijjaniyya sect yesterday dissociated itself from a remark by a disciple who claimed to be a member of the sect last week in Kano.

Last week, one Abdul Nyass, during a Maulud to celebrate the birthday of Tijjaniyya founder, late Ibrahim Nyass, was alleged to have blasphemed the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as a result of which skirmishes erupted in the area.

In a press briefing, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi and Khalifa Sheikh Isyaku Rabi’u condemned Abdul’s Nyass preaching.

Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi said; “we are warning some people who in the name of Tijjaniyya are making unguarded statements, we distance ourselves with anybody who did this because anything Islam says is wrong is prohibited in Tijjaniyya. Those who are calling themselves Yan-Hakika are not Muslims, Tijjaniyya never says what is prohibited in Islam is allowed in Tijjaniyya.”

On his part, Sheikh Isyaku Rabi’u said the person who made the utterances is not a disciple of the sect.
Source: Daily Trust.

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