Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Finally!!! This is a very welcome development indeed!
Here's a poem titled SUNSET IN OGONI LAND I've treasured in my archives for almost 2 decades (1997) that was my wish upon setting foot on that precious land of our blessed country. Now, it is going to happen, so let me celebrate the development by releasing the piece...

To God be the Glory! :D
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… by Poetic Tee, “Here, take a sp”
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Once in Ogoni land, I stood ashamed
A heart beating in me spoke, sincere…


“O psyche of my murdered conscienceImage result for ogoni
This people, their span is so leproused
From exploration of spoils that sprout
Crude spills, keeping a bride glittering
Is here raping a mother with abandon.

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The act, like a proud culture on display 
To be seen of all, in a rude carnival fair
Colorful dancers of prism rays, afloat
Off a pomade carcass of deltas waters
Thrashing in sands of a muddled shore.

I looked at bamboo-stilt raised shacksImage result for ogoni
Standing sad, carrying shabby burdens
As sea waves pamper and caress them
Wonder how they resist such crashes
Of the evening tides, rising higher still.

Image result for ogoniOn makeshift bridges of slit stilts, artful
Held tightly in place by wet raffia ropes,
Hanging loose in dangles, kissing sun glints
Reflecting angle equals that of incidence
Off a wobbling slime of a crude smear.

Image result for ogoniShe stood symbolic of abuse in thatches
Brown blouse blown by briskly breeze
Her skirt skillfully skimming black shines
With legs immersed in mixtures of woes
Devoid of a she’s pleasing steps or pleasures.

Image result for ogoniThey call it home, unafraid, unperturbed
With women, kids walking gaily to, fro
Men were nowhere to be seen, all gone
Fishing perhaps, but most likely not
So I heard. ‘Ain’t no fish to catch for miles’

Image result for ogoniThe neglect knows no border, trust me
If only we can reflect likewise and feel
What they have grown so accustomed to
That they shouldn’t, if the rest of us mustn’t
And we mustn’t indeed, just like they shouldn’t.”

©2015 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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