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MY TOP 20 FACEBOOKERz (Currently) - A Facebook Status Update

I’ve been asked by the online Advertizing Magazine DesignWorld INT’L - to list Top 20 Facebookers from my 5000 e-friends who are currently active on my FB Wall that I find most value-adding to it.

And out of the 20 chosen, 12 will be briefly profiled and the piece will be featured on their website as a prelude to a similar project that will profile another dozen selected by their Page members globally.

Just like everybody should have his or her list, it my humble honor and privilege to hereby randomly present my favorite (for now) facebookers list as follows:

1. Aliyu Jalal
2. Sheriff Almuhajir
3. Fiona Lovatt
4. Suraj Tunji Oyewale
5. Aliyu A. Wali
6. Tee Jay Dan
7. Devon Carey
8. Marzuq Abubakar Ungogo
9. Abubakar Widi-jalo
10. Ahmad Abubakar-Dr
11. Gwadabe Nana Asmau
12. Shehu Mustapha Chaji
13. Raja Williams
14. Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
15. Saratu G. Abdul
16. Hussain Zandam
17. Dr Abubakar Nababa Umar
18. Ewo Chidiebere
19. Muhsin Ibrahim
20. Tijjani Ahmad


Actually, I have more than 30 names, but cannot squeeze everybody into the required list. However, I must mention at least 10 more names to pay homage unto them. They are as follows:

1. Mohammed Aminu Jolly
2. Aliyu Muhd Bashir
3. Li Isa
4. Shamsudeen Hassan
5. Noor Alan Amin
6. Auwal Muhd Danlarabawa
7. Abdulrahman Baffa Yola
8. Adelaja Ridwan Olayiwola
9. Hamza Ibrahim Baba
10. Sadiya Inuwa Musa

Out of the above Top 20 e-friends, my 12 most informing, educating, enlightening, entertaining and enriching facebookers will further be selected and I’ll present their profiles to the rest of the world.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa
SWS.Comms Kano, Nigeria


Devon Carey Thank you so much! It means a lot that you've put me on your list! smile emoticon The staff of Elite Critiques and myself thank you smile emoticon

Sheriff Almuhajir Wow wow Tijjani Muhammad Musa you made my day for making me second. Gaskiya na ji Na sake kaunar ka matuka.

Sadiya Inuwa Musa My Pleasure To Be Among Ur Selected List !Jazak Allahu Khair Mr Teejay

Mohammed Sani Abdullahi #Sad... 4 not makin it... smile emoticon

Saratu G. Abdul Yeyyyyy our very own Teejay, am truly humbled, honoured and previledged to be among the 20 selected. But why did u list me under Sheriff? He will think say we be mates fa. Hehehehehe

Thanx oga Teejay.

Marzuq Abubakar Ungogo Its a relieving and comforting to hear that the doodles I daily spat out on this e-world are considered value adding.

I feel humbled.

 Hmmm. I am happy to finally find out that you, whose company and troubles I enjoy here, find me worthy of making your Top 20 list of e-friends. Thank you, brother.

Sheriff Almuhajir Saratu G. Abdul Sharap respect to whom respect is due, am I your mate?

Tee Jay Dan But this does not erase the fact that you are a fake "Tee Jay". Sunan ka Tijjani ne ba Tee Jay ba. Hahahaha

Abubakar Widi-jalo Thanks for the mention Sir

Kukogho Iruesiri Samson My name dey there o!!!!

Dan hajiya kenan

Mustapha Ibrahim Abdullahi This is so fantastic wallah!

Tijjani Muhammad Musa With who do I start? smile emoticon Ridwan you came first, so I'll start with you. I don't know what to say about your post. I like their purposefulness. And your poetry teaches me so much wisdom.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Devon smile emoticon It is your humble way of delivering your posts, coupled with your consistency in exciting a boring day that trips me about you. I wish I had requested for your friendship first. Thank you for that humbleness too. I'm now much more richer with you. smile emoticon

Aliyu Muhd Bashir I feel highly honored for being selected in spite of the political bombardment, thanks.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Dr. Sheriff Almuhajir gasp emoticon but you are not 2nd! To who? Ow, on the list? No, you can't be second to anyone pls. You are in your own class pls. I always find your Hausa posts origial and they make me so proud with their rich content and concern about our collective welfare. If only I had not gottewriting in English for the global audience, I'd have follow your style. I<3 emoticon="" it="" keep="" like="" span="" up="" wallah.="">

Sheriff Almuhajir Thank you very much Sir

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Sadiya grin emoticon, you made the Top 30 list because of your picture posts. They show you to be a happy and cheerful person and it rubs off on, making me smile each time I see you thus, wherever you go or post...

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Sheriff, on Sadiya reservationbove as wife 1 or 2? smile emoticon

Sheriff Almuhajir Hahahaha kai dai Wannan sirri ne Amma Bana son ana ambaton ta kar yan SA kafa su shigo

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Mohammed Sani smile emoticon afuwan, I selected those whose posts are constantly appearing on my FB wall with very rich informative contents. This is regardless of who they are. Hopefully, you'll make it the next time. But you are sincerely appreciated for this comment. Do forgive me pls.

Gwadabe Nana Asmau Jazakallah khair Tijjani Muhammad Musa. I always count on you.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Saratu G. smile emoticon, you are a shining star in the sky of my nights. I find you rich in the heart and it is my privilege and honor to know you both as an e-friend and as a physical friend. Even if you don't post some of the most exciting status updates on earth, I'd have still added you as one of my favorite facebookers.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Saratu gasp emoticon, leave Sheriff Almuhajir alone o. He's of me in his own way, just like you are in your own way... heart emoticon you both.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Dr. Marzuq Abubakar grin emoticon Though a bit aggressive with your style of writing, yet I find it highly refreshing. Now, I hope you don't let it get into your head o, but your are one of the guys I love to read their updates and do you give them out to us, hot and steaming... grin emoticon A doctor too. I keep telling myself to enjoy you before you get too busy to write or Fb.

Tijjani Ahmad It is really a privilege to find myself amidst my Mentors ( Fiona Suraj Marzuq Sheriff Muhsin Abubakar ); Just a mentee under your mentorship. I m really honoured My name sake.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Jay Dan grin emoticon *Note the missing Tee* Though I hated including a wannabe like you on this list, but I find it incomplete if you are not includd. Your "To hell with what you think about me" attitude when dropping you #No, posts find me always appreciating what you ahve to say. I :hate" you when you go public with hugs of babes. Must you show that na agbero Gbagyi dude you be... smile emoticon Yeye guy kawai...

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Saratu G. smile emoticon, you are a shining star in the sky of my nights. I find you rich in the heart and it is my privilege and honor to know you both as an e-friend and as a physical friend. Even if you don't post some of the most exciting status updates on earth, I'd have still added you as one of my favorite facebookers.

Mohammed Aminu Jolly Tijjani Muhammad Musa, Am most humbled and honored to top your chart list. I must admit there are others who are more active and prolific than myself. Thanks a million for the consideration!

Kwandala fundation

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Hamza Ibrahim smile emoticon i find your posts politically enlightening and like the fact that you are in the same Buhari camp with me.

Ewo Chidiebere Eyes of a god.

I revere your sight, TMN. It feels great being mentioned among your top 20. Thank you....See More

Shamsudeen Hassan Iam very grateful, Mr. T.J. founder of "Poetic TEE" thanks

Li Isa Am humbled. I made it.

Muhsin Ibrahim I am speechless. I never thought fellows like you, Mal. Tijjani Muhammad Musa and Tijjani Ahmad regarded my Facebook activities that much. Thanks a great deal. I equally learn a lot from you. Let's keep the ball rolling.

Aliyu Jalal My God! So me of all people No 1? Ha! Gaskiya I have not seen something more ridiculous as much as I have never seen something more honorable on Facebook.

Thanks Poetic Tee. This is an honour I will surely live to remember.

Ahmad Abubakar-Dr Masha Allah, and Alhamdulillah.
We are humbled and honoured among thousands. It is my personal belief that who ever judged and selected contents of my posts as worthy to be mentioned, then he must be better in judgement and wisdom. It is a Thumb print that Tijjani Muhammad Musa has proven to be a worthy friend that befriend us best on intellectualism and humanity. I am lucky to find myself among those Giant facebookers . May Allah continue to guide us all.

Fiona Lovatt This is very strange.
And humbling.
And warm.

Noor Alan Amin ma sha Allah smile emoticon thanks so much, I feel blessed, humbled and honoured to be on the list........ may Allah bless your heart big bro

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Widi-jalo smile emoticon pls don't thank me. I should be thanking you for making my wall something to look forward to, knowing that your current affairs covering posts will be there to give me an insight to the state of the nation. The way you craft them before you put them up makes others zone in on them like bees do on a flower scent to savor its nectar. I always come, even if I don't suck any nectar I hang around and enjpy the sweet scent of each unique flower. May your pen never dry smile emoticon

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Kukogho aka KIS, my very own poetry college principal smile emoticon I adore your energy, your creativity, your planning, your willingness to give of the knowledge you have, your passionate pursuit of your dreams, should I continue? Being around you makes me feel 20 years younger and that's my attraction to you. Oh your Candid Lagos photo-galleria is so refreshing a serving. I find it apt.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Mahima Baba smile emoticon Dan Alhaji ke nan smile emoticon

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Mustapha Ibrahim smile emoticon No poem from you to grace my wall lately, are you on sabaticals?

Shehu Mustapha Chaji Am also among the first 20! Its like receiving an award from International T. J. Thanks once again..

Rabiu Shamma Actually sir virtually all of them deserve to be in this list, eventhough I don't know the criteria you used in picking the top 20 and the honourable mentions, but critically looking and with all due respect still I can see some 'son kai' in it in the selection of 2 or 3 we shared as friends that hardly update their status, make comments etc and I think how do they add any value online?. Well done.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Maan Bashir grin emoticon your political bombardments are a welcome feature on my wall. I also appreciate your opposition of my Buhari. We can have it 100% you know. So guys like you and Ewo Chidiebere can flex all you want at PMB. It actually spice up the gourmet dish. So keep it coming... smile emoticon

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Nana Asmau grin emoticon my reliable editor. Let me tell you what I find so valuable about your posts. They are sincere from your heart and your shares I find professional. You do it like someone on a mission. Unlike most women. Only do write some more pls. But anytime I see your name I wet my lips... smile emoticon I know it'd be a good read. You are appreciated my partner in the media "crime".

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Tijjani Ahmad smile emoticon my father's name sake dai. For I am the "Muhammad" in my names. Well chosing you has to do with your joyful spirit. Your picture updates are always capturing and showing someone who is deliberate and purposeful in your affairs. I find that attractive and your presence on my wall always makes me smile. That is good enough to arn you a place on my list.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Aminu Jolly grin emoticon my good man. You earn a place in my Honorable mention not because of your constance, but for your Juma'at messages which features each week the Holy Ka'abah and your du'a for the whole of humanity. I like the selfless supplications. JazakalLaah my brother.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Idris Makama, "Give a coin for life" smile emoticon

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Ewo Chidiebere grin emoticon The infant-terrib on my wall. I find you real and strong with your words. You are also confident in your expressions. Your poetry is inspiring to savor. But they are not so available lately. Only when they come, it is with a punch. Flow on my bard.. On our PMBuhari (yes mine and also yours - I caught you admiring his leadership the other day) we can disagree to agree and vice-versa. Though yours is with a sentimental bias. I sometimes wonder why, like Aliyu Bashir you choose to suppress your true self and act the script of dislike for Buhari. Is it for your pride and ego? Hahahahahahahaha grin emoticon

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Shamsudeen Hassan you are most welcome. Yours is a case of your youthful exuberance. I like your energy and the manner you go about your posting as if tomorrow never comes and it never does indeed. Pictures play a big role in my appreciating your posts, even though they are mostly of you alone... Hehehehehehe smile emoticon

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Li Isa grin emoticon, yes you made it. You are a professional in your approach. When I see a share of a link, which is mostly what you are about I find it trust-worthy. You have very reliable source of information and as a colleague in journalism that is something to be proud of. I like that about you. Well done.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Muhsin Ibrahim smile emoticon, you are one of the highlights of my facebook wall. You have composure in your writings, blogging, comments and explanations. As a university lecturer who traveled and shared your experiences in diaspora, that is unlike most who will just go somewhere and will say nothing about their sojourn. For constantly telling us about your Indian experiences, you earned my respect and thus my selecting you among my Top 20. You deserve more accolades wAllah... smile emoticon

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Aliyu Jalal, point of correction smile emoticon you are No. 1 on the serial listing, not number one as in on top of everybody else. There is no No. 1 or 2 or 3 and so on. In the Top 20 list, all are equal, but while gathering the lot and arranging their names, som...See More

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Ahmad Abubakar-Dr smile emoticon Hehehehehehe Mr. Sky-scrapper cap, you are appreciated for posts that touch my heart. Coupled with your passion for agriculture and political stands against the river currents once convinced. it takes a bold heart to do that. I read you a lot and appreciate you too, because of your finery of feelings. Then your poetry is another thing that inclined me some more towards you and so pick you as one in my Top 20.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Fiona Lovatt heart emoticon, my Lady of letters grin emoticon Strange? Well, that's nice to hear... smile emoticon You are an angel in human form. You are always on about other people's welfare, development, progress, care, concern and much more. "Baturiya, uwar almajirai" - "White woman, mother of the seekers of knowledge" Your posts is never about you, always about someone or something else. And very passionate too in your inking. Your poems you reserve for rendition, rarely for us to read and relish online.

Sa'eed K. Adams Hmmm...wane mutum!

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Noor Alan Amin smile emoticon my sister. It is your deen posts, your supplications, your shares of whatever is good and beneficial and your sincerity of heart that has earned you a place on the list. i find what your post or share sharable most of the time. Why? Because they are worthy of spreading for their goodness to the souls. Light to mankind indeed you are.

Aliyu Muhd Bashir Tj please try to understand me. Mine is not dislike for your pmb but expression of views whenever the need arises as ordained in the Constitution under chapter 4.(freedom of expression)

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Shehu Mustapha Chaji smile emoticon A natural talent with communication. Consistent in delivery of valuable informative contents. You should own a media organization that will facilitate your full play of spreading information. I appreciate your initiative ability and your maintaining your tempo of establishing whatever it is you set to convey. Keep your post as sanitized as yu've always had them, with reliable sourcing too... grin emoticon

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Rabiu Shamma grin emoticon Do not be angry and do not be sad about this pls. Actually, there are some basics for each person you see on the list. Yes, some can be contested just like you are doing, which is highly appreciated because many others have their own misgivings about it but are too pissed off to express themselves as you just did. Afuwan once again. I must admit there are some misses in the list. Guys like Idris Hamza Yana, Emzy Imam, You (and by Allah i'm not patronizing you), Brigitte Poirson, Sam de Poet etc. It was only when I had posted the status that other must-include in the list came up. But it is not only the value-adding, but consistency in posting and its showing on my FB wall that earn the above 20 their place. Then of couse I had to do the Honors List and now you are making me do some of the Missed List as well. grin emoticon

Idris Hamza Yana Missed list indeed. grin emoticon

As you'd say, "by Allah" no offence at all Tijjani. Looking at the people who made it to the first top 20 and the subsequent 10, I feel humbled and honoured to remembered by the great Poetic Tee. Technically, if the list were to be of 50, I believe I'd have featured. So no qualms brother. I pray that we continue being brothers' keepers in on and offline dealings smile emoticon

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Idris Yana grin emoticon, good morning. Your place is in the Top 20, but it has gone out and published when i realized the missing persons, Not just you, several others. Yes, it would have made the screening process tougher, but I was so excited with the status I released it too soon.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Sa'eed K. Adams grin emoticon Turkashi kaam!

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Maan Bashir, I know its not dislike, but sports-like political adawa kawai. Na ka ai sai na ka... smile emoticon

Mustapha Ibrahim Abdullahi Hmmm, I do have about 5 poems (newly composed) , and one in your inbox sir.

Brigitte Poirson I have no profile. Just a small face.

Rabiu Shamma Hahaha sir TJ why will I be angry? Just expressing my thoughts, the kind of person you are made me do that as I know you will not be angry too. Thanks Oga.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa MIA, I'll check and see... smile emoticon

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Ma'am Brigitte grin emoticon small face that beams the world with one smile, right? You are motivation and encouragement personified. You rarely drop lines, but your books carry it all and much more. Besides, you are the pulse of my maiden published book Poetic Tee THE FIRST CUP. I'm forever indebted to you for that. For you, I have only one thing, heart emoticon.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Shamma I know you are not angry about it and never would be. I just repeat what my Prophet would say, that's all. See, i've given reason for each choice in the list. I don't know who is unworthy by your standards. Pls don'yt mention names o! gasp emoticon

Suraj Tunji Oyewale Thanks bro.

Aliyu Jalal Tijjani Muhammad Musa hahaha. Its funny how you assumed I mean am on top of everybody over there. How can I? Am I insane? I see it a privilege finding my name as the first serial number. Get it?

About my writings, I don't think there's something special about it as u exaggerated. But I know one thing is constant, I write directly from my heart. I don't fake it.

Its a great pleasure to have somebody admitting that my writings are that worthy. Wallahi I never thought they get spaces around. But its a great inspiration and gingerly motivation indeed.

 Tijjani Muhammad Musa Suraj Oyewale, you're welcome. Keep doing your thing... smile emoticon

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Jalal smile emoticon always humble. Write contiously from within you pls. It makes your weiting special...

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