Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Image result for Nigerian Oil… by Poetic Tee, “Here, take a sp”

Is it a blessing or a curse?
Since its birth, the rising sun dips on
As affects many, it has shackled us too
Just by mere indulgence, we’re stained
But we must hibernate that knowledge
Of onerous reliance upon the black gold
Image result for Ijaw womenCreate an alternative means of livelihood
Put all our eggs in one basket, we mustn’t
Drink from only one river source, no more.

We need set sail like Marko Polo of old
Only after we've read our navigation tools
Do we recall of oil in the traumatized nation
In fact, let's clean up the Niger Deltan shores
Turn the beaches to white gold, of pure sands
Image result for white sandy beach at sunsetReceiving kisses of seduction by macho waves
Envied by the cool ocean breeze, full of desires
Decorated of sea shells, palm trees, footprints
Tourists attracted by cultures, clean mermaids
Of Ogoni, Kalabari, Nembe and Ikwere origins
Okrikas, Bonis, Ijaws in traditionally regaliae
Dance to delight, as sweet music fills the air
Serving Edikaikong, Banga soups, Starch
Image result for abuja cityTapioca course, shrimps on coconut rice
Water to drink, wash, bath and swim.

A nation comes to life, finally free
Free from chains and chills
Free from stains of spills
Free sailing the winds.

©2015 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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