Saturday, October 11, 2014


Writing Tip: Creative Ways to Begin a Story

1. Start off in the middle of the action
2. Go in chronological order
3. Start with a quote
4. Start with a look back in time.
5. Start with a truism.
6. Start in the middle of the story, and have the character tell everything that led up to that point, and go from there.
7. Start with a interesting question, or tell the audience to think about a certain subject. This is called audience involvement.
8. Start with a catchy sentence that makes your audience want to listen.
9. Begin the story with just one word describing something, a character, place, etc.
10.Start with a simile or a metaphor.
11. Begin with an onomatopoeia or a personification and end with a truism.
12. Tell an interesting fact.
13. Start talking about something that relates to your story, but make sure it is interesting!
14. Be humorous (don't be boring).
15. Start with a thought.
16. Start with a simile or metaphor.

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