Thursday, November 14, 2013

A DAY'S ALL I HAVE - The Tafsir Version

Abdulsamad Shua'ibu Adam having read my poem A DAY'S ALL I HAVE said : "I need at least an explanation about what the poem is all about" 

Well, below is the breakdown, a sort of a "Tafsir" of the piece into its full length. 

Usually poems are extraction from a full story, detailed observations or experiences. So, many often find it difficult to fully understand what the poet is trying to communicate to his readers or audience, because of the missing parts of the wordscraft. Thus everybody is at liberty to interprete the piece as he or she so understand the words and in literary circle, even against the author's meaning of the words in parts or as a whole. What the literary world refers to as "metaphorically kill the poet". Anyway, this is essentially what I meant with A DAY'S ALL I HAVE... Enjoy it.

A DAY'S ALL I HAVE (The Tafsir) ... by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip" 

I'm on a journey (through this life) And my mount ( i.e. vehicle upon which I'm travelling) is time. (Allah SWT Has) Set (me) forth on a planet (which is this world and) My destination? (Is) A full circle (that is from life to death - from Allaah back to Allaah).

I'm to transverse Over mountain heights (or tops) To points of no breath (i.e. even into space where it is impossible to stay alive or) Crawl in ocean valleys Where no light has seen (that is the deepest part of the ocean floor where sunlight never reaches)

I started out pre-dawn (meaning as a fertilized egg in my mother's womb) At last rays of dusk (that is when the day, my life on earth has come to an end, which) By a precise count (of my breath as given to me by my God Allaah) My return (death) is scheduled.

A day's all I have (been given i.e. 24 hours only to live, achieve whatever I can, but most importantly attain my ticket to Jannah i.e. Paradise). Not a second more, Nor a moment less. (I am only) A free soul with choices (in so many things subjected to me provided by Allaah) To (either) make or to mar my success (not as a man who has lived on earth, but as a man who'll stand before Allaah SWT to be judged).

(c)(r) Tijjani M. M.
091113 @05:34:08

Now, all that is what becomes this:

... by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip" 

I'm on a journey
And my mount is time
Set forth on a planet
My destination? A full circle

I'm to transverse
Over mountain heights
To points of no breath
Crawl in ocean valleys
Where no light has seen

I started out pre-dawn
At last rays of dusk
By a precise count
My return is scheduled

A day's all I have
Not a second more
Nor a moment less
A free soul with choices
To make or to mar my success

(c)(r) Tijjani M. M.
091113 @05:34:08

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