Sunday, November 10, 2013


... by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

I am no poet
But for you I will write one poem
Even if it's the very worst stanza

I am no singer
But for you I will sing
Even if it's a song none might listen to

I am no musician
But for you I will compose a melody
Even if the notes will refuse to be played

I am no artist
But for you I will paint a "masterpiece"
Even if it'll be hidden away out of shame

I am no thief
But for you I can risk an execution
Even if I am a cat living my nineth life

I am no orator
But for you I will say words on marble
Even if no one will ever quote them

I am no magician
But for you I don't mind casting a spell
Even if it'll back-fire turning me into a toad

I am no king
But for you I will issue a decree
Even if that'll strip me of my kingdom, exiled

I am no begger
But for you I will go cap in hand
Even if my most detested enemy'll deny me

I am no star
But for you I will shine and glimmer
Even if I need the energy to take one last breath

I am no lover
But for you I will be a romeo
Even if my death would not be written by shakespeare

I am no knight
But for you I will wear an armour
Even if my heart is filled with cowardise

I am no saint
But for you I will try to be an angel
Even if I am to have no wings to fly

I am no psyche
But for you I will read minds
Even if I can't any other, but just mine

I am no noctunal
But for you I'll stand till dawn breaks
Even if then I'm condemned to live as dracula

I am not today
But for you I'll be tomorrow
Even if forever, I never come

I am no slave
But for You I crave a Lord and Master
Even if I am to be rewarded, eternally with Hell

(c)(r)2011-13 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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