Friday, November 22, 2013


... by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Come, let me tell you a fine story
That might set your mind go aflurry

This is about a man of envious fame
Better still the Devil's favourite flame

He choses him with a sieve and care
Befitting a task full of charms and flare

Young, strong, handsome and hung
Muscle packed, tight and strung

Irresistible smile that causes a swoon
Neither of the blue nor the silver spoon

Most eloquent, what a cute thriller
At his peak, simply a lady-dazzler

A master playboy with no time for love
Only for tracing his fingers over a curve

A dozen and a half, just for a smile
Vanquished hearts queue for a mile

Fair, tall, slim, subtle, almost self-made
At his beck and call, they simply parade

Craving only for a brief glance
Lucky star in a moonlight dance

Beauties on the menu? Press "Play"
Many a heart, he shatters and spray

By the seconds, minutes of the hour
Enchanting, charming, bees to flower

Rivers of tears fit for a record swim
Oceans of pains, foams get a skim

The devil's exciting and tempting game
Time celebrating his fame and blame

The day dragged on 36 hours endless
Until the hour-glass drained off sandless

At twilight when the sun heat's a flint
An angel floats-by catching his squint

Mersmerizing, intoxicating, fully on offer
In full glory, scented rose dare its sniffer

Transparent, soft and delicate of mould
Fingers failed to lift, to touch and to hold

Slouched, wrinkled and frail of bones
Barely audible, in wavering monotones

The day's over for this former hot ember
Another found? January to December 

Come, let me tell you another fine story
That might again set your mind go aflurry...

(c)(r) 2013 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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