Thursday, November 14, 2013


... by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Oh how I love the word written
It is nothing but mere thoughts laid out
And a sure proof that a mind thrives
Immortalizing its owner 1000 years beyond

Oh how I cherish the word written
It preys on the eyes that dare reads
Resurrecting mystically to influence
Again and again and again and again

Oh how I adore the word written
How many an idea'd have been lost forever
Countless a diamond in the rough missed
Confucius, Shakespeare, but not The Unlettered

Oh how I value the word written
Its secrets lie in the scrolls, light and open
Beauty, worthy, mighty, depends on the apple
Sure a wonder! Indeed what a pleasurable tea

Oh how I treasure the word written
Time celebrates, then perishes all civilizations
Memories try retentively, alas effort-waste
The word penned or qwerty tales easy

Oh how I rever the word written
Revelations, the physical, the ghaib
Many a layer of darkness, light shreds
"KUN", Al-Qalam, Iqra' Reveals Ar-Rahman

Oh how I'm speechless about the word written!

Tijjani M. M. (c)20110722
All Rights Reserved

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