Friday, November 15, 2013


... by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Lovers are a mystique
Lost in a maze, together
And wish not to ever
To be found
To be freed, to be rescued
Nor pray to find a way

Lovers only want one thing
Each other's presence
They crave only themselves
To hear love's word
See love smile, feel as one
Nothing more, nobody else

Even time fear lovers' in-love
For it stands still, mute
In their presence
Their hunger and thirst
Are imprisoned
Each time two becomes one

Their minds is preoccupied
With each other's thoughts
Breathing each other
Thinking one another
Whisper and touch, the other

They sleep and dream
Wake and daydream each other
Lovers don't need eyes to see
All they need's a sense to feel
With which they see what
Loveless souls fail to see

It is those outside
Their circle of love
That see faults
Flaws, wrongs, mistakes
Lovers see only
2 hearts beating, as one

Lovers don't feel
The heat of fire
Or the sun scorching
They notice not
Coldness of the winter
Or its breeze wallowing

The dry, hot, torchy
And bristly desert wind
Blows cool against lovers
Tendering their skins
"Stay me love, stay"
Lovers would beg

And the wetness of rain
Does nothing but flowers
Fragrances and blossoms
Lovers intimate intimacy
With each drenched drop
Lovers love springs

In their own love
Nurtured "eco-system"
There is no atmosphere
No weather nor seasons
Only harmonized body heat
Even if miles or worlds apart 

In a lovers heaven
Our world in turmoil
Full of no tomorrow
Is a cold war game
With no cold and no war
Only their game.

(c)(r) 2013 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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