Tuesday, November 25, 2014


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

It is always there
Unfailingly potent
It delivers as ordained
Not a second more or less.

It separates loved ones
Both genuine and fake ones
It also unite loved ones
On the other side
But only real, true ones.

It’s the only access to heaven
And who doesn't want its bliss?
Yes, we all do
Everybody does
The good, the bad, the ugly.

Mind you
Heaven is not
The opposite of Hell
Rather earth is
Paradise opposites Hell.

So, fear not death
For it ensure your immortality
Smile and celebrate
It is your perpetuity
A gift from Allaah SWT.

 Just ensure you gain admission
Into paradise, Al-Jannah
That's all
For that is
Success, supreme indeed!

(c)2014 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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