Monday, November 24, 2014


A Poem Title is something every poet should consider very carefully and take very seriously. It is like a newspaper headline, it can get your poem just a passing glance, an indepth reading or an "I'll pass" from a reader. - Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Your title is always in there in your poem, always. All you have to do is search carefully for it. Sometimes, it's a word or a phrase. It could be a combination of words in two or more places in a line or more lines. It is usually unique, catchy, exotic, different, rare, unusual, uncommon yet attractive, deep or multiple in meanings. It could also come before starting the writing I.e. preconceived. And it can also have no relationship with the piece, but simply used for its aroma, its fragrance, its sweet smelling scents that when it airbornes, it charms nose buds with desire. But I assure you, it's always in there in your poem.

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