Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Eloquently Speaking 1st Poetry Contest With Members of Eloquently Speaking, Black Poetry Cafe & Writers Connection

Writing Prompt Is....

Life is like photography. We develop from Negatives

Purpose of the writing prompt is to deliver a message of HOPE through your poem that will incite the readers to embrace the sufferings and see the positive things that are being birth out of their negative experiences.

Please save the picture provided and post it with your poem

Rules for submitting your poem
(1) Title your submission Poetry Contest with date submitted
(2) Subtitle can be the name of your poem (optional)
(3) Contest is open to original work only
(4) No published work will be accepted
(5) Write a brief summary explaining what inspired you to write your piece

Deadline to submit your original poem is November 22, 2014

Judges For The Poetry Contest Are:

Christian Starr of Archon Editing & Review

Raja's Insight of Creative Talents Unleashed

Mark Goggins of The Black Poet Cafe

***Please Tag The Judges When You Present Your Poem***

Winner of poetry contest will receive:

A $50.00 gift certificate

They will be featured in Eloquently Speaking under the poetry section that is being constructed as we speak *smile*

They will also be a featured guest on Eloquently Speaking's New Radio/Talk Show that will kick off at months end *smile*

As a featured guest, they will have the opportunity to share their creative works and have a question and answer session with callers.

Eloquently Speaking

Dare To Be Different!
Stacey Lunsford

...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Life is a photo, in motion
One single shot, taken
Depicting each day, differently
Developed from negatives, before
Worth more than 1000 words, much more
Fly it, don't walk it, nor ever crawl it.

(c)2014 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

What inspired this piece was the crescent moon, which whenever it manifests is usually so thin, like a delicate, fragile, curved, silver thread. Then it grows with each passing day, until it becomes a full circle. Thereafter it starts to loose it all, until it becomes spent, another slim, weak, nearly unseen thing at the end of its journey.

 Then it occurred to me that many things in this life are similar in their sojourn, even mankind. And with each example I bring forth, I discovered they all seem to follow the same natural defined, patterned path. Thus my writing the piece, to show that we must be what we want to be within that single framed motion photo shot (each day)

Based on these observations, one might see clearly that each time a good thing in this life (love, marriage, employment, friendship, collaboration, etc) comes to an end, though these negative developments may pour sadness and grief all over us, yet if we are to adopt the ”never give up” spirit, gather the broken emotional pieces, glue them together and have the courage to move a step or two further, we are likely  to see ahead, a new beginning beckoning at us. And with the sour experiences we’ve been through in the previous engagements, mistakes made that resulted in the unfortunate collapse of such cherished interactions would come in handy and be used to make the new ones better.

Again life being a circle, repeating itself endlessly, one should realize that the saying “If one door closes, many more will open” holds true for always. Rather than sit, brood and cry over spilled milk, it is best to let go and reach out to the milk jug and pour yourself another cupful. Letting go of that unfortunate incident immediately and relish in the new found pleasure of the now available serving.

Besides, there are certain things we feel so sentimental about, attaching ourselves too much to them and ever afraid of loosing. To free us from such bondage, nature often would introduce certain situations, which we might find unpleasant, distasteful and unwanted. But, if we are patient enough to wade through it with time, soon we will discover that we have been saddled with negativity in our emotional and psychological struggle to hang on to them. Their absence in our new found life is not only freeing, but much more fulfilling as other pleasures hitherto ignored would come into our lives and make it memorable beyond bounds.

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