Sunday, November 30, 2014

MTN "SHIKENAN*" #LimerickPoem with a "shikenan" twist. Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

A lost child seeks for help, with tearful eyes
Hungry all day, seeking for sweet mother, he cries
Given to eat food for the pang, water for the quench
Weak, wearied with worry, soon he sleeps on a bench
A number, a 1 minute call, distressed was over. "Ai SHIKENAN."

A housewife cooking her family a delicious meal
Ingredients ready, pot put on fire, the heat to feel
Soon aromas tease nose buds, wetting appetites
As bubbles bounce and boil about to give respite
Kerosene runs out. With lil' left, she loads, orders with SHIKENAN.

Justyn just jumped off a bus at a Jos junction "Justify"
Looking chic, bouncy, full of life, she smiles at a guy
Suddenly, a rough bump, an apology, no harm done
Minutes later, she realizes her valuables are all gone
Not wanting to beg, she buys MTN N10 RC for a call. SHIKENAN.

Your car breaks down near a village in the middle of nowhere
Flash a Wazobia to buy credit, "Oga no change" vendors stare
Checked your status and by a soft feminine voice you're told
"Sorry, you can't borrow airtime." Thus your life's put on hold
Luckily you have N10. 1 minute call later, you smile at SHIKENAN.

"Good God, are we that poor? A N10 recharge card!" He says
"This is nothing but poverty!" she shouts "What a disgrace."
"How much does it cost to print the card? Haba!"
A poor Nigerian villager passing by heard, a barber
"My phone, ko sisi. Can you please load for me N1000 card?” SHIKENAN!


(c)2014 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

*MTN SHIKENANA is a piece written for and read at the formal launching of MTN Nigeria Communications Limited MTN N10:00 Only Recharge Card called SHIKENAN, which took place on Friday 07th November 2014 at Grand Central Hotel, Kano.

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