Friday, September 19, 2014

9/11 THE DAY THE WORLD CHANGED Poetic Tee "Here, Take A Sip"

The day the world staged
A drama in our village square
Scheduled to start 9pm-11am
A pay-per-view, per-hear show.

A classic no doubt, box-office
Lie staged a coup to be king
Deceit's "Your Royal Majesty"
Action, Reaction hugged, kissed.

Amazement slapped Cosmos
Trouble, the powerful compere
Guilty was the judge and jury
Fear, the dog leashed to bite.

Revenge stood dagger-drawn
Vengeance drew a line, for or
Impatience bragged pompously
Intimidation ordered to salute.

Soundness got criminalized
Peace was hanged in public
Innocence was slaughtered
Normalcy, raped senseless.

Truth was imprisoned for life
Rights clobbered till comatose
Calm became mad, psychotic
Peace's on Missing Person's List.

Mercy evacuated from its home
Decorum got ridiculed, hahahed
Sensibility was booed, jarred at
Proofs were force down, hooded.

Fire danced as if jinn possessed
Earth cracked, sick, it vomited
Wind froze over all, blanketing
Water sat crying lean, dry tears.

Sleep was murdered, skinned
Dreams were massacred, gory
Hope dashed, left in bits, pieces
Common sense was jettisoned.

Happiness went on a vacation
Care never existed, did it ever?
Treachery wore a red costume
Feelings were abused, disgraced.

Senses lost cardinal coordinates
Space was shackled, an art piece
Time stood still, tick-tocking away
Man's destiny became predictable.

9/11 is indeed a historic etching
The day a peaceful world changed
Never ever to be the same again and
Man traded a smile, for a gold piece.

(c)2014 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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