Monday, September 22, 2014


 As Drake was passing by a room, there was this terrible sound coming from within. It was a sound of pain, really terrible to hear sourced from intense torture. So out of curiosity he entered the room

There was this monkey tied at the waist as is usual, with the lease being held by one robust, but dirty dressed ugly man. He was slightly light in complexion though poor living conditions had subjected him to looking like a tramp. The room was scanty, in fact only a stool was in its centre. The man tied the lease from the monkey to his own waist. Then he had a whip-like cane, of which nobody can tell how it was connected to his bottom like a tail

He would sit on the stool in the middle of the room and monkey would move away as far as possible from him, but for the lease. Then the man will make a swift move in a strong beastly manner, which will cause the monkey to be pulled towards him against its wish, only for the tail like whip to deliver a terrible fling on to the poor animal’s face. It will subsequently let out that horrible noise Drake heard from outside due to the terrible and un-quantified pain. So he asked the man why he was doing that to the monkey. And the fat ugly man replied that that’s the way he would kill the monkey in order to achieve his objective. That he was a native witchdoctor

Thus the young man moved back to watch some more. Each time the man would deliver his terrible blow, the poor monkey in anger would react by making a rush at the feet of the older man, who will in anticipation jump easily out of the way to avoid being bitten by the monkey. And this can be seen to happen again and again, until the monkey got exhausted from trying. Only for the whole process to start all over again.

As Drake stood watching the man prepare for another excruciating run, he did not notice the poor animal appealing to him for help, through its distressful stare. The whole process was played over and over again with the monkey getting weaker and weaker, losing the fight for its dear life. Realizing that it was fast running out of time, losing its soul, the monkey made another desperate launch at its tormentor’s feet, but alas it missed again. Then all of a sudden after missing the witchdoctor’s foot the desperate animal did not stopped, but continued the run and plunged all its arsenals into Drake’s flank, sinking its fangs, nails and feet into his torso, completely catching the young man unaware and unprepared in a most unexpected move. 

Drake woke up abruptly. Sweaty and scary eyed. He then realised that he should have stopped the whole damn wicked show or else leave the scene with a tormented conscious. He admitted that he deserved what I got. Lesson learnt fully.

So, now who’s in distress and what can you do to stop the evil and its perpetrator?

(c)2010 Tijjani M. M.
All Right Reserved

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