Sunday, November 22, 2015


Tijjani Muhammad Musa's photo. Tijjani Muhammad Musa says:

I believe and trust in Buhari's leadership, even though his journey mates are untrustworthy to me

Then there is the problem of the way this so-called democracy works. It protects the corrupt with its demand for undue process, which is being exploited by the legal system and its operating personalities, helping in protecting the clearly corrupt, permitting them room to swim naked in open waters, thus clogging the progress that could be registered.

In other places where it (democracy) is practiced, whenever and whoever is found in a compromising situation, would usually step down, step aside or would honorably resign his position, pending his or her name being cleared by an investigation panel. Here in Nigeria, I heard in a few other places too, the person sits put in his position and directs or conducts the investigative process itself, never resigning with honor.

Mr. President is afraid of being labeled a dictator, following his antecedents as a military general and former Head of State. Now, a democratically elected president, though he knows what to do and how to do it simply, efficiently, on schedule, yet he can not go about it as it should be handled, because he has to lobby to be allowed to do anything.

Mind you, the lobbying is with those who will directly be affected by the consequences of his actions and reactions. Will they ever agree to permit him do what it takes to put things in their proper order, so that we make the progress we deserve? I'm afraid not!

It is simply that simple.

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