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Vanguard News's photo. Hajj Stampede: Nigerians Would No Longer Stone Devil – Sunusi 

The above is the misleading Headline according to Vanguard News.

Actually, what HRH the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi II said according to the same Vanguard News was:

"Nigerians will no longer participate in the stoning of devil ritual, EXCEPT THEY GET ACCOMMODATION CLOSE TO JAMRAT, WHERE THE EXERCISE WILL TAKE PLACE." (emphasis mine)

The part in capital letters is the remaining part of HRH MSII's statement. But the headlines was posted to look like he was taking a decision for Nigerian Muslims he has no right or power to. For he cannot change the Hajj rites for whatever reason.

This is what MSII plans to do “Therefore, it will be part of my recommendation to the Federal Government that, if we cannot get accommodation close to Jamrat where the Arabs reside in Mina, then this year may be the last time we will sleep in Mina and Muzdalifa because we want to stone the devil."

Now what I understand from the above statement is that HRH intends to recommend that better accomodation should be gotten for Nigerians during their next Hajj which will make it easier for them to observe their devil stoning hajj rites. Hopefully the Saudi Authority will give Nigerians that special consideration.

If not given by the Saudi Hajj authorities, then does it mean Nigeria would simply have to get an alternative accommodation for its pilgrims? Where? But the issue of not sleeping at Mina or Muzdalifah does not arise as this would truncate the Hajj rites for Nigerian Muslims, which will be unacceptable by most of our pilgrims. The hadith HRH cited in his intended proposal's defense is clearly an exceptional case and not the norm.

The normal Hajj rites for all pilgrims is to spend the night at Muzdalifah and the next morning head to the Jamrat and stone the devil. The reason why the stampede at Mina happened should simply be looked into and solutions profferred for the whole Hajj operations, not that Nigerians alone should be singled out and safe-guarded, while the rest of the Muslim ummah's hujjaj are left at the mercy of whatever mishap that might happen during subsequent Hajj operations.
Vanguard News's photo.
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Hajj Stampede:Nigerians would no longer stone devil–Sanusi 

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