Sunday, November 22, 2015


I was conducting an interview for one of our DWi magazine articles when as part of the questions I asked the respondent: "Which is your favorite music?" And she answered with a sudden soberness "Ai Teejay, I've stopped listening to music!"

And she quickly continued "You know why? Because lately when I dare listen to any music, I find it ringing repeatedly in my head like a never ending flowing river. When I keep quite for a moment, instead of allowing my thoughts to occupy my mind, the music, the lyrics, the rhythms keep coming back, insisting on playing in me!"

I smiled and knew exactly what she was talking about. Are you experiencingbthe same thing? Bother to ask yourself why that happens to you, most especially with MUSIC and SONGS?

Also, why does a music or song that is not nice or appealing gets to be liked when listened to repeatedly or long enough? Or is this just happening to persons like I and the lady in focus?

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