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Committing shirk is one of the simplest thing in Islam. In fact one can commit shirk without realizing it, until it is pointed to him or her that the act innocently done is shirk.

What essentially is shirk if not attributing or associating the worship of Allaah SWT with something or someone else. Shirk is also giving what is due to Allaah as His Right of devotion to another of His creations.

A simple example is taking medication. The medicine of itself does not have the power to cure or heal the sick, except by Allaah's Permission. So it is useless of its own existence, but the ability for its effectiveness is from Allaah. So whatever it is used to achieve is not the medicine itself, but Allaah that is behind it. Where He Wills, the medicine becomes effective and vice-versa.

Now, whoever attributes getting healed or cured to the medicine taken, alone, without mentioning i.e. acknowledging Allaah as the power behind it, without giving the due honor, regard and recognition of that achievement to Allaah SWT has committed shirk.

It is really that simple. Now, you can imagine those who will say "The doctor saved my life" "Were it not for so and so, I'd have been killed" "If not because of you, that thing would have been mine" etc. These are all forms of shirk utterances.

For someone to believe if he does not bow to something like the mace or the members of the senate assembly or even think that it is the senate that made him a minister, bowing or no bowing, just the mere thought of it, has attributed what is due to Allaah, to a creature of Allaah and that is nothing, but shirk in its most simple, most basic form.

Attributing getting any material or abstract thing to anyone or anything constitute shirk in the first instance. For no one can give you or deny you anything, but Allaah SWT. Also, merely thinking it so and doing whatever you think is necessary to achieve that at the thought of excluding Allaah's Will from the situation is outright committing the act of shirk.

Then going further to do something which is strictly reserved for Allaah SWT, acts of devotion associated with worshiping Allaah like sujud, ruku'u, recitation or praises found in salat and forms of ibadat, to another thing or being is in itself a disrespect to the sovereignty of Allaah over their exclusiveness.

Whoever disrespect Allaah by slighting Him subhanalLah, showing Him AWJ that those acts are not reserved for Allaah alone, has associated the worship of Allaah with another, giving it, him or her what does not belong to him, but his Lord and Maker. And that is what shirk is all about.

That is why it is said somewhere that Allah Judges man according to intentions as He SWT stated in the Qur'an. But we, men, judge one another according to our words, actions, inactions and reactions. So we say this man is good if we hear, see, feel etc goodness and good acts from him and we say he or she is bad if found to be contrary.

Thus if you are witnessed to be fornicating, child abusing, a woman beater, fraudulent, a drug addict, an unrepentant murderer, mischief maker, a cultist, a prostitute, a mean, heartless boss, a corrupt judge etc, well God Knows why and will judge you in the here after.

But we mankind, in our midst will definitely call you exactly what you are and if it warrants extracting retribution here in society, we will demand for our pound of flesh. Except of course where we decide to temper justice with mercy.

So, it is simply misleading and a ploy to have a person ignore wrong doings by people in the guise of saying "Judge not! Judge not, it is not for man to judge, but God" Meanwhile Allah SWT Has provided mankind with al-Furqan i.e. criteria to judge what is right and what is wrong, so that mankind may be guided aright.

Question to ask ourselves now is why give us His Divine revelations, if it is not meant for us to put it to use and hold each other accountable for our earthly deeds?

Allahu a'lam.

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