Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Hmmm, the case of that Bashir Lado, our Ex-Kano North Central Senator (thank God for His Mercy) was seriously embarrassing me wAllahi
How can someone in this digital time and era be using vegetables, butchered raw meat and other demeaning things to campaign for our votes? As politically sophisticated as Kano State is?

And the desperation of his radio campaigns ended up annoying so many people, that he virtually dug his own political grave.

Another sad event that I witnessed about him was his campaign train that passed before me at Triumph/Wapa Roundabout in Fagge LG Kano one afternoon, which had political thugs menacingly brandishing swords, knives, clubs, machettes and other such weapons, daring and threatening any to show their disapproval. Many wondered if the person behind that flow of archaic political campaign train is sane.

Habaa! This is the 21st Century for Allaah's sake! Thus Kanawa expressed themselves loudly via their own "swords", their PVCs at the polls.

Now, the lessons should sink deep on any who dares do the same again.

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