Wednesday, April 1, 2015

REMEMBER, THIS IS NOT JUNE 12 ‪#‎TEAM‬ ASA 2015 #‎FoundPoetry‬

  •   via Abubakar Sadiq Ajiya post on Facebook
    (As found by Poetic Tee, "Here, take a sip)

    Let there be no mistake
    If this ongoing electoral process
    Is derailed or circumvented
    In any form or shape
    We shall defend it
    With whatever means necessary
    Even with our dear blood
    Should that prove to be
    The only option!

    I want people to remember
    This is not June 12!

    We are determined
    To renew this our great country.

    So help us God!

    (c)2015 Tijjani M. M./‪#‎ASA‬ DEMOCRATIC GROUP
    All Rights Reserved

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