Thursday, April 9, 2015


Image result for hon baraka saniI had about the unconfirmed reports that Hon. Baraka Sani of PDP is planning to decamp to APC yesterday, it didn’t come to me as a surprise, though many others who heard about it were actually shocked to their bone marrows.

When I heard Kano PDP Candidates in next Saturday’s State Elections congratulating President-Elect Gen. Muhammad Buhari on radio and telling Kanawa (Kano people) that they are also with Buhari and so people should please vote for them as Governor and State Assembly members even while still being in PDP, I found such a move unethical and downright hypocritical and mean. So, I expressed my mind on my FB wall in Hausa. 
Again I just saw Senator Abdallah Wali PDP’s candidate who is running against Hon. Aminu Waziri Governorship seat in Sokoto doing the same thing, i.e. attaching his picture with that of General Buhari on the same poster and soliciting for votes against the peoples’ General’s party. 

2 days back I heard about mass decamping from PDP to APC in Gombe and other states and today I heard high ranking PDP officials and some Jonathan’s ex-kitchen cabinet members such as Ahmed Gulak, Isa Tafida Mapindi (Deputy Director Media Jonathan Campaign Organization) and many others also expressing their intentions to migrate or outright moving to the APC, I covered my face in shame (for them, for obviously they are incapable of experiencing it themselves) and wondered what kind of politicians we have in Nigeria.
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Seeing this crazy, shameless and ideological-less political migration trending in Nigeria, I feel sad realizing that our so-called politicians do not know what politics is all about. They take it as child’s play, “a game” according to Doyin Okupe, who offered to be called “A Bastard” if APC should last beyond a year as a party I Nigeria, only for him to come and swallow his vomit and not want to be called a bastard any more, despite APC winning the 2015 elections. What a shameful, spineless stand for him to take. 

Also the loosers of this 2015 presidential elections (PDP) have no intentions of letting us, the opposition, who took them down to enjoy our hard, very hard earned victory. By crossing over to join our celebrations, they want us to forget the evil machinations they visited upon our leader and candidate Muhammad Buhari, our physical and mental state of mind as well as our collective destiny as the citizens of this country.

Image result for Isa Tafida MafindiAnyway, I’ll reserve the rest of my words till we completely wrap-up this coming Guber and State Assembly elections, then we will come forth with what we believe should be done with these influx of PDP decampees. Quarantining them for starters would not be a bad idea.

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