Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Based on our unpatriotic attitudes, Nigerians do not deserve a leader in the class of Muhammad Buhari.
We deserve shameless, selfish, deceitful, criminal and heartless scumbags, the likes we've had all this while.

But, we do seek for CHANGE and may God Forgive us and overlook our unworthiness of good, great leaders and give us Buhari for a change.

And may he be worth his weight in pure, raw gold as a true leader, our very own India's Mahatma Gandhi, South Africa's Nelson Mandela, Malasia's Mahatir Mohammed, Singapore's Yew Kuen, China's Mao Tsetung, America's Abraham Lincoln etc.

May our hopes and aspirations for someone iconic and of world quality be made manifest... To God we pray, amen.

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