Wednesday, April 1, 2015


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So the PDP much dreaded card reader of a device rejected Goodluck jonathan, the No. 1 citizen of this country and accredited his wife Dame Patience at their Otueke polling unit? Same happened to Plateau State Gov. David Jonah Jang and his wife Talatu or what's her name at their voting center? Who else of similar status has been publicly humiliated? There are more, for sure.

Now, what could be the possible reason for such a disgraceful outing on the parts of these people in power? I am thinking, could it be possible these elite citizens, feeling too big, pompous and drunk with power, did not formally register themselves to cast their votes via the normal process, but were registered by proxy

With the confidence that as PDP stalwarts, they need not to register with INEC at all, nor even engage in formal voting like ordinary, common citizens they rule over, except for ceremonial reasons, so possibly their aides got them on the voters lists, one is forced to suspect.

Image result for inec card reader But, with the way the political table turned and their realizing it is not going to be the usual PDP rigging formula applied, guarantying them results as obtained in previous elections, they came to exercise the ceremonial voting procedure, forgetting that they were not personally registered to vote and thus were exposed and disgraced by the non-partisan card readers.

So it is no news now that President Jonathan has not exercised his civic responsibility as a patriotic citizen. And for someone seeking the votes of Nigerians to continue as our re-elected president, I am of the candid opinion that, apart from his past records of failures on many fronts, he has once more failed to live up to expectations, by at least voting himself back to power in this crucial, monumental 2015 elections and so does not deserve the votes of other Nigerians.

Image result for inec card reader Anyway, it is not out of place with the elections outcome being witness albeit on an unofficial, social networks. For like many other PDP big wigs such as governirs, ministers, senators etc who have woefully failed to deliver their polling units at the presidential polls, Mr. Jonathan has flowed with the tidal tsunami waves that has swept across this much abused country, that is seeking to re-invent itself and so re-position itself back to reckoning among the committee of nations.

Indeed Nigeria deserves CHANGE!

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