Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Image result for umrah 2015DEPARTURE - February 14, 2015 @ 12:30am


On my way to perform Umrah tonight in sha Allah.

If any is offended by me knowingly or unknowingly, he or she should please forgive me.

May Allah SWT Forgive our mistakes and shortcomings.

May HE AWJ Accept our acts of ibadat, amin.

ARRIVAL - February 14, 2015  @ 5:15am

Image result for umrah 2015
Just landed safely in Jeddah... :) 

AlhamdulilLaah for journey mercy. It's morning here guys. 2 hours ahead of home, Nigeria.

Good morning to you all before it arrives at you... :)

Salam to all :) February 22,

Been in Makkah since Saturday 21st February.
Image result for umrah 2015 Enjoying the Al-Haraam in devotional submission, alhamdulilLaah... :)

Will be going to Dubai from here with my wife for our 20th years marriage anniversary.

Wishing all other married couples similar grace from Allah SWT.

And the singles :) hehehehehehe, best of luck as you continue your search for Mr. or Mrs. Right...


Tijjani Muhammad Musa's photo.AlhamdulilLaah :) Successfully done with our Umrah.

It has been a blissful, blessful, bountiful spiritual sojourn for the 3 of us, I, my mother Hajia Amina and Bilkisu Usman, my heartbeat of 20 endowed years so far... :)

Hajia has arrived safely back in Kano and now among her chilren and grandchildren, while we (I and my wife) have arrived safely in Dubai... :)

Like someone said "20 years is not 20 months, days, hours, minutes or seconds" So, we are thankful to all who made it possible.


And for those who wish us more, we wish you all even much more than you wish us...

Remain for always, blessed :)

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