Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Tijjani Muhammad Musa's photo. I watched the Presidential Media Chat on NTA this February 11th (Wednesday) evening with President Jonathan dodging some of the most important questions asked him. Like:

Why should he be quiet about the declaration of war upon Nigeria by the Niger Deltan thugs if he should be voted out of office?

Does he trust Jega to conduct a free and fair election?

Would he force the electoral boss to go on the 3 months terminal leave or would he allow him to conduct the elections?

What is his assessment of Gen. Buhari, his major opponent in the elections?

Will the Chibok girls be rescued in the 6 weeks military coalision campaign? Will each child be accounted for?

His back-pedalling on the "Stealing is not corruption" saga, trying to explain it away by shift the buck on to Justice Mustapha's table... :)
Anyway, beyond any reasonable doubt now, none is left in doubt that the man does not deserve anymore time as our president. Yet, "We need more time" was his chorus line.

And what's with him and the word "Architect"? He repeated that word intermittently throughout the media chat, as an architect I couldn' help, but notice the frequency.

The panel of journalists (not Jona-lists) throwing the questions were impressive, except of course the lady who happened to the chat's anchor. She was so glaringly being unprofessional with her patronizing moves. It was embarrassing to say the least.

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