Thursday, May 12, 2016


The solution to the current free fall of our Naira value was proffered 14 years ago, 2002 to be precise by the writer in this piece titled OUR NIGERIA, OUR PROBLEM, OUR SOLUTION. It is only now, that everybody is waking up to the reality, when the Nigerian currency the Naira has hit an all time low of N375 to a $1 and still diving further down.

If we can implement the suggestions in the article, what will happen is that the Naira..., like a free falling bird that was knock out unconscious in mid flight and is plunging to earth at a rapid rate will regain consciousness before hitting the dirt and swoop up in a revamped, re-invigorated curve high into the blue skies like an eagle that has gone for a calculated, skillful kill.

A lengthy piece, just like the measure that needs to be taken to put Nigeria back on track of economic recovery.

Read it through and you will see.

Here's the link...…/256-our-nigeria-o…

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