Thursday, May 12, 2016

I've explained it before that this country Nigeria, has just been saved from imminent danger and total collapse only by the Grace of Almighty God. It has just been pulled back from tipping over the abyss to a shattering destruction. It has been to the brink of hell and returned, barely alive. It has been given another chance to exist as a sovereign nation against all false sooth-sayings.
The staggering, monumental looting to the least Naira available to be stolen, in fact, even the stale smell of the dirty notes hanging in the treasury's air were sniffed off by the looters, before the nation's archive was rescued by the votes of the people from its plunderers, who came in many guises. Now, their backers, hackers are armed to the teeth, striving their utmost to prevent justice from being served, reformation from taking place. But take place it will, by the Grace of Allah.
Despite the obstacles being encountered, efforts are being made to make Nigeria work, look elegant and regal again. But of course, those who were part of the scheme to make the country a desolate and destitute nation have died within themselves, out of sheer frustration to achieve their agenda. Some are even trumping up a lame, dead duck and shouting themselves hoarse to resurrect it. But dead it is and dead it will remain till eternity.
As part of the healing process, the Naira has dipped into a depth, where no sun has ever shone. All shouts to sustain its continuous rape has been rejected by those who truly cared. People who know not hidden graces of God realize it not how lucky we are to be where we are today as a country. Less they forget so soon, a few months ago, at one time here, when someone leaves home at anytime of the day, nobody is sure he or she would return. Only prayers and supplication provided some succor, a sort of refuge. And did Nigeria prayed!
Up North, annihilation once stared us in the face, where death danced macabre steps on a daily basis, resulting in lamentations, woes and wails. But because peace now reigns in the polity and many hear not the disturbing barrage of bad news, of deaths and destructions, people are wondering why it is so painful to surgically correct and heal their loved one from multiple fractures and dislocations. Calm after the storm makes us now worry about, of all things, the exchange rate. It makes one smile.
Well for others who are realistic, they are prepared to ensure that those broken bones and psyches are repaired and the healing process is duly allowed to take full effect. They have silently vowed, that if the currency exchange rate likes, let N1000 be exchanged for $1, they would still stand by the healer to do his job. So that their patient becomes whole and sound again. Remember, the only constant is change and even that changes too.
Let any who has a functional head, think of a comatose patient given a few days to die, with all hopes lost and his family, friends, business associates, partners and even enemies thinking of how best to take advantage of his absence and share his inheritance, goodwill, legacies and connections etc among them. Only for him to be revived, to survive the ordeal and their worst predictions, beyond all expectations.
This country, like the proverbial phoenix will rise again from its ashes and become a force to reckon with in the committee of nation. Nigeria would be better than it has ever been. It will lead the next set of nations to rewrite their economic history. Its journey from 3rd to 1st world status begins today and will be witnessed in another today. Though it is true tomorrow never comes, yet we must of essence, speculatively prepare for it now.
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
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