Monday, May 30, 2016

FOUND IN DESTINY Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"...

I stand alone
At the doorstep of paradise
As enchanting fragrances invite
O, what a delightful sight
Sweet sensation that dances
Across my being, so sensuous
As the winds caress me
Kissing me, hugging me
Making me love the scents
That whiff through my senses
Flogging them silly
Intoxicating my valor
Weakening my knees
Conquering my control
Making me let go
Nostalgia, I remember
O dear, who'll hold me?
Make me dissolve into love
Unequalled, unquantified
That I be lost again
Only to be found
In our destiny.

(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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