Monday, May 30, 2016


A friend of mine said:

"I understand the blind love some people have for PMB.. But government is not about one man... It's a system..."

In response, I replied thus:

What good is a system that has a bad head? It is nothing but a detrimental system.

Besides, no man is an island. No matter how good is the body, without a good head, it ends up destroyed. Ask drug addicts, with functional everything within, but a bad thinker in their skull.

Also check out history, all great or lousy systems were headed by either one sound leader (Muhammad, Gaddafi, Gandhi, Mandela, X, King, Sardauna, Awo etc) or malfunctioning head (Hitler, Jones, Pharaoh etc).

So blame not those who believe in Buhari, for they hope he might he that good head that will purge the sick body, that has been perpetually ailing for aye most of the country's life.

HOPE is what we have and what keeps us going. That one day soon, Nigerians might see the glories associated with quality leadership. Its been a long while since that happened, don't you think?

The last few years were terrible wAllaah. Only Allaah Saved us, using this new government that many are beginning to forget the Grace of Allaah upon us for making this one man (Buhari) happen to Nigeria. Otherwise, the way thing were heading, gaskiya only God Can Say where we would all be by now.

Remember our discussion with you in your office before Kwankwaso emerged second time around. I did not believe in what you believed in then. But he came back and you helped him by performing in his government. Now, look at where you guys are in Kano's history. Look at the legacy Kwankwaso has left for Kano.

One man, indeed is good enough to lead us out of this death trap. Moses did to the Israelis, Leo Kwan did it in Singapore, Mao did it to China, Muhammad SAWS did it to the Arabs, why in Allaah's Name can't someone in Nigeria do it for Nigerians?

Buhari can be that man, THAT IS OUR HOPE! May Allaah Accept our du'a and help him be it, amin. What have we got to loose if he succeeds? What? If not our envy, jealousy and punctured ego and pride.

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