Friday, May 27, 2016

WE WERE PATIENT - Translated

1. We were patient when we were being slaughtered like rams.

2. We were patient when we were being scattered with bombs.

3. We were patient when soldiers were conducting a house to house search.

4. We were patient when we were being hunted even in our mosques.

5. We were patient when our means of livelihood, our economy was deliberately destroyed.

6. We were patient when our religious leaders and Qur'anic scholars were being murdered.

7. We were patient when the Federal Government prevented international flights from landing in Kano.

8. We were patient when several of our leaders became assassination targets.

9. We were patient when over 200 of our daughters and sisters were abducted and have not been returned yet.

10. We were patient when we were refused recruitment into the Nigerian military.

11. We were patient when many of our sons and brothers were being sacked or unceremoniously retired from the Nigerian Army.

12. We were patient when our soldiers were denied the necessary weapons to wage war against the dreaded insurgent Boko Haram.

13. We were patient under the reign of the very worst kind of terrorists, who used power to loot our treasury, our nation to a povertic stand still.

And for these reasons:
We are calling upon us all to be calm, and even more patient, more persevering, now that our new leadership are striving to rectify all damages perpetrated for more than the last 16 years.
We must remember that 16 years is not 16 days. Let's be steadfast and patient for a little while longer, so that we can be witnesses to the return of this nation, our only country, Nigeria to the path of glory once again.
We hope to share this message in order to enlighten ourselves about the herculean task ahead, of reviving our battered economy. So that our citizens would understand why we are going through this hardship and to warn them further that it could even be harder and tougher.
Yet, at the end of this suffering and forbearance, would emerge a new nation that will be the pride of us all.
We must remember that these repairs would benefit all of us Nigerians. Both the rich and the poor, unlike the status quo where only a few are enjoying the bounties available in the nation. Once again, we must be staunch, stubborn, stiff in our stand and resolve towards achieving this objective.
Lastly, we must desist from cursing our leaders out of frustrations. Instead, let us say our best prayers and supplication towards them in order for them to succeed.
May Allah (God Almighty) give us the fortitude to bear the corrective measures, no matter the harshness, amin.
Pls Share this further to all groups online. We need the awareness.
Translated, edited and nationalized Tijjani M. M.

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