Thursday, May 26, 2016


Why not share it out to each and every Nigerian? Just an idea of mine pls.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa's photo. Rather than share it among states and the funds disappear in pretext projects, let every Nigerian citizen be proven to be bonafide and once confirmed of his authenticity, a bank account should be opened for each.
Male, female, young and old, even day olds and an interest free loan of N10million should be deposited in each of the owner's account and like an IMF loan, rules and regulations be fixed to guide each person's spending.
A period for payment should be stipulated. How this is done, let the experts work it out. Only projects that bothers on education, health, housing, commerce, enterpreneurship, job creations etc should be approved to be spent upon. If anybody should refuse to consent with the Terms and Conditions, he or she gets nothing.
I am of the belief, this will help in alleviating poverty and give each and every citizen the opportunity to start afresh. If any should be stupid enough to mismanage or waste their resources, then they deserve to go back to yesterday. Being wretched and poor I mean.
What do you guys think? Just imagine what you can do with such an opportunity. Where are the economic experts.

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