Monday, May 30, 2016

PLANT GOOD, HARVEST BETTER ‪#‎Short‬ Story (True Life)

 ...By Tijjani Muhammad Musa
Inspired by Kabir Umar Fara
They each left their homes, not knowing what the day has in store for them. Each of them, a responsible man with a well adored and cared for family. Fate led both of them to one of the many highbrow supermarkets scattered across the city.
Soon they were done with their shopping and with perfect timing, destiny lined them up, one in front of the other in a checkout counter queue. Both were unaware of each other's presence, but for the fact that one was to be served before the other.
The line moved slowly as the cashier calculated each customer's purchases, charge, get paid, then load the items into the shopping mall's branded polythene bags for the customer. Soon, it was their turn. The guy in front laid out his picks and the cashier punched away.
"That will be #10, 568 only" declared the attendant in a business like, but friendly tone from the other side of the counter. He took out his wallet and brought out some notes to pay, only to discover to his shock he was a little bit short of the due amount by about #1,700.
To meet the amount he had, he decided to return one or two of the items he was sure they didn't need at home. Realising what was happening the man at his back stepped in and offered to pay the balance of the purchase, telling the cashier to add it to his own bill.
Slightly embarrassed, the man in front turned to thank his benefactor, who dismissed his humbleness with a wave of his hand. Still the first man thanked him for his kind gesture. They then struck a brief conversation and ended up exchanging phone numbers.
As they separated, none of them thought anything more about what happened. In fact, none even bothered to tell their wives about it as life and its many engagements took over their affairs. But, fate was not done with their chanced meeting yet,nas it would once again connect them together in a most unexpected place.
Two days later, the man who extended the hand of giving invited family, friends and well wishers to come and celebrate his first son's Quranic graduation ceremony. Thereafter, at their street mosque after the zuhr salat, all were informed of a neighbour's death and his burial rites (janazah) was announced.
This religious ritual was soon done as scheduled and the corpse was taken away for burial at the nearby cemetary. Thereafter, the man in company of his childhood friend went to visit someone who was sick and upon return, he scheduled to visit another friend who was waiting for him somewhere.
It was while he was driving to this meeting point that he lost control of the vehicle he was riding.
First he brushed a parked car, then hit another moving one and in a desperate effort to stopped his car, instead of hitting the break pedal, he stepped on the accelerator throttle and the vehicle plunged forward in a surge.
This last action made him totally lose control and finally rammed into an oncoming tricycle taxi full of passengers, then swerve onto a roundabout platform, before coming off it to settle in the middle of the road, causing a serious traffic jam and subsequent scramble by good samritans to rescue those injured in the accident.
The tricycle occupants sustained various degrees of body injuries, mild trauma and shock. No fracture or death was recorded and soon they were immediately whisked off to the nearest specialist hospital. Fortunately for the man, he received not even a single scratch. But his vehicle, a Toyota 4WD was seriously damaged.
The police soon arrived on to the accident scene, taking control of the situation, clearing the scene of any debris and obstacle to facilitate return of normal traffic flow along the major highway. They immediately took the man and those not injured to their station, so as to make statements for their report.
After documenting the accident's initial report, the DPO was alerted of the incident and later some senior ranking police personnels arrive at the station and the place became a bee hive of activities. Soon it was night time and the likelihood of the man involve in the accident spending the night in a cell was almost guaranteed.
But before that decision could take place the DPO's approval was sought, only for the DPO to turnout to be the same man who was the beneficiary of his kind gesture at the supermarket. First he didn't recognise him. But his curiousity got the better of him and soon he did and instantly vouched for the man
The DPO signed all the necessary documents and without any hesitation, instructed that the man be allowed to go home and to report back the next day by 12:00 noon. He told his subordinates aboutb what happened between the two of themna day or two earlier and how the man refused his thanks for what he did.
The Police Boss subsequently offered to stand in as guarantor for the man and professed that the man is a good, kind hearted person. That, it is fate that made the unfortunate accident happened and also what happened at the store, so that he will pay him back for his kindness.
MORAL: Sincerely do good to those in need, expecting nothing back in return. One day soon, Allaah SWT Will ensure that same good in multiples will return back to you when you least expect it, when you need it the most.
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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