Thursday, May 12, 2016

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The Kwandala Foundation house is full of true and sincere GIVERS from the bottom of their hearts. Who are glad to operate on this noble Kwandala platform, strictly for the sake of Allaah, not for anything nor for anybody else. AlhamdulilLaah.
Nothing shakes them upon this fundamental resolve. Kwandalites are Humanitarians, Philanthropists, Benefactors, Givers, Extenders of Good in all guises. You can see it in their disposition, determination, resolution and purposeful execution.
Ironically, a disaster (Tsunami) gave birth to goodness (Kwandala). Like God Almighty Said that He Brings the dead out of the living and Brings the living out of the dead. Destructions of lives and properties in unquantified costs acted as a catalyst for compassion to warm, get heated up and boil.
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 we started out humbly. Hearts in which compassion dwelt were touched, disturbed. Many were moved to tears, sleeplessness and restlessness as they often do, in times of any calamity. The spirit, the will, the intention to GIVE in each of us was stirred awake.
Scattered was the Kwandala Spirit, distributed in humans all around, who are humane and cherish humanity, thus love humanitarianism. One by one, each seeks out the other and finding common grounds, we become as one, uniting our individual GIVING spirit to form one powerful, purposeful, formidable handful.
Image result for coinsAll we wanted was to provide a common ground for GIVERS to do what they love doing the most, GIVE. All we needed was each other to show the world that not all humans are heartlessly the same. Not all humans have lost it. That humanity still matters, is valued and cherished by some amongst mankind.
, we each called inward upon our individual souls to feel, not for the self within, but for another being without, who is in dire need of solace, of compassion, of comfort, of care, of calm, of composure. And so we answered the call and it became OUR CALL. Thus, we came together.
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Together, we have walked 10 years plus now. Some physically, some emotionally, some psychologically etc. Together, we have moved silt, sand, gravel, stones, boulders, rocks and now we can and are already moving mountains, God Willing.
Those who initially walked with us in their thoughts, their wish, their will, their minds, their sentiments, their support, their hearts, their bodies etc are now coming forth to walk with us with their souls. They are sound minds, who have overcome self-centeredness and extended their hands, opened their palms, offering their all to all.
The beauty of it all is that none of them is doing this for personal or individual gains. Each is believed to be doing this for Allaah's Sake. Each Kwadalite is GIVING from Allaah's Grace upon him or her for the benefit of someone less privileged, less fortunate, less endowed, less blessed than the Kwandalite.
And that is what this is, what we are all about. Anything contrary to this negates the Kwandala Foundation Spirit. And what, if I may remind you all is the Kwandala Spirit? It is that spirit of giving, sincerely from the bottom of one's heart, expecting nothing back in return, except the pleasures of Allaah.
Image result for RICHES ARE IN THOUGHTSSome have it, a gift from Allaah SWT and some, well, can only witness it in those who have it. In which category do you belong? Do come and join us. Discover your true essence in this life. It is not about your wants and needs, but about helping others less fortunate, less privilege, less blessed than you.
May you be among those endowed with the ability to GIVE selflessly, tirelessly, endlessly; a special, rare gift from their Maker. May you also discover you have it, harness and take advantage of it, alone or in a Kay Foundation spirited team. Our humble supplication to Allaah for you. Amin.
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