Thursday, May 26, 2016

The problem with our people is their lack of realization of how to maximize their potential. They are very resourceful, creative, initiative, industrious and much more. But of essence is that most of us lack proper orientation, how to think positively, value our potential or how to harness and exploit it. And of course, missing is the technical know-how.
Our people are alive, well, willing, functional and equal to any task challenged with. And when it comes to the field of knowledge, Nigerians have been discovered to be specially gifted. Our brains are good at absorbing and retaining what we've been taught or learned. Thus we excel in fields of academics, both as learners (students) as well as its instructors (lecturers), in most tertiary institutions across the world.
What more, our people are a busy lot, working when it comes to commercial engagements. The only problem is, their yields are often minimal compared to the efforts invested in the various pursuits. What most of us do not realize is that what we need is proper setting. Not only through sound education, which is fundamental, but by getting informed and enlightened about all things. We need to be awake and aware.
Another sad aspect of our problem is most of us do know how to present our ourselves, our products and services. So often than not, the success or otherwise of anything depends on how it is packaged. The ones who should set the people's thinking aright, the intellectuals among us are ignorant of the fact that this is what they should concentrate upon.
That it is their responsibility to make the populace think, be aware of their developmental power.
Let me explain further. Take the example of a very good wristwatch, purchased by someone who knows how it works and where best to make use of it. The time piece functions perfectly, tick-tocking seamlessly tracing its circular path, measuring with apt precision points between two actions.
Problem however is, it indicates a wrong timing, showing that the time to be 4:13pm, while the actual time of the day is 11:20am. Now, as long as the one wearing the watch does not set it to display the correct time of the day, the watch as perfect as it is in its function will become more or less just a beautifying piece.
In fact, it will end up embarrassing its wearer by expressing the wrong time of the day, rather than add to his prestige. At the same time, though its monetary worth remains as pricey as ever, its value will depreciate in the eyes and minds of many beholders. Many would even think of it as a fake version of the original.
Now, so long as its owner does not take the trouble to adjust the hour and minute arms of the watch, it would continue working, mechanically, effortlessly, gracefully showing not the exact time of the day. Question is, what is the use of a time piece that displays the wrong time of a day? It is virtually dead weight being carried uselessly around.
Now, that is the state of Nigerians and our intellectuals. The similitude of the wristwatch is that of our potential to excel and that of the wearer cum owner is that of our intellectuals. Like the one capable of setting the watch to portrays the correct time, our intelligent minds are the ones to set our populace on the right track, to guide them towards achieving our desired goal, thus make the needed impact.
Nigerians are a gifted and very industrious lot, but most of them need to be refined in their mode of thinking. They need to be made to realize who they are, what they have, know its true value and how to take full advantage of it, both as a tool for negotiations as well as use the proceeds from the exchange for our benefits. Who are to do this very important psychological fine tuning? Our intellectuals.
And unless these intellectuals among Nigerians make it a duty upon themselves to re-orient the thinking of the people, by all means possible and available, our society will perpetually remain comatose and stagnant or even remain in constant retrogression. We will forever remain backward in the global scheme of things.
On a final note, we must study what others have done to rise into prominence as a people and do same. Some of us must be selfless, making sacrifices wherever and whenever necessary. In death, we will find life. And in life, we will surely meet our death.
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