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Salam all.
This post is out to seek your candid opinion about my poetry. Please help us unravel this.
I once said my poetry is simple and at other times complex. One Muttaka Idris Abasha just affirmed that after reading my latest poem DARKNESS WITHOUT BLACKNESS with this comment;

"Sometimes you are simple; sometimes you are not."

Though Bello Sagir Imam opines that for him, most of my poetry is on the complicated frequency. I beg to disagree, but is that true? Please share your sincere opinion with me on this.

Thank you in advance.

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Muhammad Al-bashir Your poems are simple but sometimes I just don't understand them. It's natural for poetry, it's only the poet that can truly explain the exact message in his poems.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Al-bashir, like you said a gaskiya poetry comes with that, lack of ability to understand it outright, which is what keeps a lot of people off it. Thanks for your submission.
Ali Umar Faragai Tijjani Muhammad Musa some people don't understand the fact that Poetry is not an ordinary way of speaking, it has some characteristics that make it different.

The way you used figure of speech and power of language encourage me to "take a sip" every time you make an update.

You are doing great, keep the track going.
Fatima Mukhtar I'll go with Muttaka Idris Abasha
Garba Inuwa Its typically poetic
Mustapha Ibrahim Abdullahi That's poetry. One might grasp the direction of a certain piece but, some pieces are really a hard nut to crack. And your poetry comes typically in this fashoin that I've talked about.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Faragai, sound observations. Poetry is not for the feeble minded... :)
Kabeer Yusuf I, absolutely stand for what Bello stands on. . . For more than 80 if not 90% of your poems are ever such deep and rich in meaning. Only that you mostly let your thought(s) flow in a simple, plain English. But we're, if I am right never after the surface meaning. And this may perhaps be behind the saying of Idris's that ur poems are simple. No. They actually aint - i can go to the stake for that.
Nerseer Ameen im also taking side with his vantage point but then, don't sleep on your oars just endeavour to abide by the philosophical advce encapsolated in 755528666'7777"THE REPUBLIC" as wek5 as in his"44ION .
Yusif Auwalu Muhd Zara Actually! Event me too I am in the same page with what Bello Sagir Imam say your poem, poetic tee is too beyond perspicacious to the toddlers like me to dictated where your are hiding to this is the reason why I am not comment on it some time i just like it Sir. Poetic tee.
Shaaban Rabiu Bala In Pure Art Or Literature Nothing Is Simple Likewise Nothing Is Difficult. The Issue Is That, The More You Read The More You Understand. It Happens, Even You Are Professor In English, If You Are Not Use To Read From Other Subjects Even An Infant Course Like Civic Education And Other Babistic Subjects Would Be Awkward To You. Read, Read, Read.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Well, well, well... :) Quite interesting revelations.
Yusif Auwalu Muhd Zara Quit frankly speaking! Your point is taken Shaaban rabi'u bala but the secret behind this exchanging word is to make Sir.poetic tee clear is his poems understandable to every one of us or is clear to error free schoolers like you?
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Kabeer Yusuf, you've managed to capture the essence of my style with these words "Only that you mostly let your thought(s) flow in a simple, plain English." Deliberately too smile emoticon
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Nerseer "The Republic", meaning what pls?
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Yusif Zara, such big big words :O Hyaaaa!
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Shaaban :O which one is "infant course" kuma? Every knowledge is important you know...
Yusif Auwalu Muhd Zara Hmm! Your majesty Sir. Poetic tee you are my mentor.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Yusif :) I and this my simple diction?
Yusif Auwalu Muhd Zara Sir. I am not got you right.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Yusif :) I and this my simple diction?
Yusif Auwalu Muhd Zara Well! Is enough for me sir.
Jamilu Garba Usman I think you don't need to bother wheather your poems a hard or otherwise, you just need your poems to be compelling, convincing and above all are critical.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Yusif, ok if it is enough... :)
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Jamil, if that is the case I think I'm home clean because surely my poetry though using simple diction is indeed "compelling, convincing and are critical" on the topics it deals with... :)
Jamilu Garba Usman Just be mindless about it, keep your pen rolling.
Bashir Sabo Umar Gwammaja I'm sorry Sir my little philosophy is yet not enough to opin about your well persevered experience and intellectual big philosophy. What I only know about myself is that I love your writeups, presentations etc. In a not shell Mr. TJ. l have been with y...See More
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Bashir Gwammaja, I am so humbled to be such an inspiration.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Jamilu :) just interacting to get better. That's all.
Ibrahim Aminu Isah It's obviously that rigid like phallic rites in ancient Paris that lead to the machismo of the Eiffel Tower

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