Monday, May 30, 2016


A bunch of law breakers this NLC has become. Also operating on lost priorities, apart from being anti-masses, at least on this one.

Besides, history has shown that their leaderdhip have compromised what the original NLC use to stand for. They go behind and negotiate for stipends, thereafter abandon a true quest soon as they get "padded" with some "offers they can't resist."

People shouldn't forget that, Buhari was chosen enmass by the masses of this country and they believe he is doing his best to bring us back from the abyss. With little or nothing except his very own credibility in the eyes of the world.

He doesn't deserve this NLC wolfish distraction. if they can't help him brink back Nigeria on track, they should just siddon watch just like they did with all the other nonsenses saboteurs of our nation have been engaging in since Buhari came.

Else where were they when the budget was being padded? How about Dasukigate? What of the fraudulent purchase of SUVs by the Senate at exorbitantly way beyond their actual prices?

Again we have vandals blowing up pipelines to hinder overcoming the fuel scarcity saga or the subsidy fraud? NLC couldn't find it fit in their "Aaluta continua..." to rise up against all these atrocities, sai on this one?

Even going to the extent of mentioning a political party on their placard instead of facing squarely the government as they should ethically have done!

That is why they were clearly disgraced! Bunch of morons kawai!

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