Tuesday, July 26, 2016


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"
Ever heard of a slave
who is always sad 
at the remotest idea
of gaining his freedom?
A slave who
for the love of his master
detest emancipation
from subservience?
A slave who hates
to think of any other
but his master alone
occupying his every thought.
A slave who
eloquent in speech
tells of the grand virtues
and goodness of this master
A slave who sings
verses of glorious poetry
most beautiful in his honor
like an enchanted peacock.
A slave who reveres
a master he ever finds
peace and tranquillity
in his presence, remembrance.
A slave who reads
ever glowing, words
echoing peace in his heart
feeding his hungry soul.
A slave who finds
24 hours not enough
to accommodate his passion
to please his lord, who pleases.
A slave who cherishes
the light shining off a face
that enlightens his dark within
illuminating his heights, depths.
A slave who dedicates
every single breathe
every motion, emotion
to serving his one master.
A slave who quotes
with complete belief
the sacred truth
encoded in his master's words.
A slave grateful
for the gift of life itself
bestowed, not deserved
by his ever gracious master.
A slave conscious
of his world, of himself
of his heart, only through conscience
of his master's existence.
A slave who
frees himself from freedom,
freely offered, but rejected
finding blissful solace in bondage.
A slave who finds
comfort of sound living
only in the basic reality
of his complete submission.
A slave of his master
by honour, by knowledge
by realisation and awakening
to the purity of a sacrosanct truth.
A slave like every other
yet unique, like no other
born before birth, alive after death
sacrificial light, vicegerent on high.
A slave proud to be
though given free-will
but by choice chooses to be
Earth, moon, sun, stars, the universe.
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved
Zaid Bn Haritha (RA) in the first instance, then another on my mind.

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