Thursday, July 7, 2016

MY DEATH WISH Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Ya Allaah
May it be in Ramadhan...
Observing in humility, saum
On Friday, tongue full of dhikr
Purified my whole, with ghusl
In pure white, wet from wudu'
Standing in praises of my Rabb
Reciting verses of truth alQur'an
A bow in reverence pose of ruku'
Ultimately I submit in full sujuud
Chanting 'em asma'llahul husna
Enchanted and lost in Your Wajhu
Never found again ila yauml qiyam
So, so pleased with You, Ya Rahman
And vice-versa do cover me Ya Rahim
Only then, allow its embrace, my maut
Let me be discovered kissing Your Arsh
Amin thumma amin, Ya Rabbal alamina.

(c)11091437AH Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved


Allaah - God in Islam
Ramadhan - 9th Month of Hijr calendar
Saum - Fasting
Dhikr - Remembrance of God
Ghusl - Spiritual bath
Wudu' - Ablution
Rabb - Lord
AlQuran - Divine Book
Ruku' - Bow
Sujuud - Prostration
Asma'llahul husna - God's Most Beautiful Names
Wajhu - Countenance (Face)
ila yauml qiyam - Till Judgment Day
ArRahman - Most Gracious
Ar-Rahim - Most Merciful
Maut - Death
Arsh - Throne
Amin thumma amin - Amen
Ya Rabbal alamina - O Lord of the worlds

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