Tuesday, July 26, 2016

THE DOVE TRIAL (4) - A True Life Short Story

...by Tijjani Muhammad Musa
By the time the doves returned to check, the place was empty once again. "Whaaa...! But it was here, right here! Where did it go? I'm sure they must have moved it!" she turned again and again, looking at her husband, desperately wanting him to believe her. "I'm not loosing my mind. Believe me it was right here, I swear!" "It's alright Honey, I believe you. See, its getting dark and I want to believe the good man has the nest and our birdie Dolphling safely tucked away somewhere, rather exposed us all to these hungry cats later in the night. Or would you rather they let us have the egg exposed to the weather and the 'meows'?"
"Come, let's go to our tree nest and spend the night there. Then first thing tomorrow morning I'll come here even before you wake up and keep vigil, at least get to the bottom of the situation before you arrive, ok? Come, the sun has set already. We must get back before its fully dark. The tree nest needs to be cleaned, before it can be comfortable to occupy." Huba pulled her reluctantly away. She followed him like a dejected child, constantly turning to see, wishing the nest would appear like magic. But, nothing.
Meanwhile, having placed the nest in a carton box and back in a safe corner, the house owner told the roof technicians that what he had decided and wanted was for them to build a bird house using the remaining aluminium parts and thereafter fix it back at the exact same spot the nest originally was. Then he took a piece of chalk and sketched the design of the bird's house, explaining in details how to fabricate the new structure. Declaring that even if it will cost him extra, it has to be done.
First thing in the morning Hubaa was there as promised to monitor happenings, but definitely not alone. Lady Dove, who couldn't sleep a wink was right there with him. Together they sat and waited till around 9:00am when the roofing guys arrived. A little while later, the house owner also arrived and once they came, they commenced their works and soon enough they were through.
After waiting for a while without seeing any sign or indication that their nest was anywhere to be seen, the doves left the scene sad and almost frustrated. It was after the roofers finished the remaining part, which entails roofing the entrance gate that they went and constructed the bird house as drawn the previous day. They then hung it directly under the position of the roof where the doves nest use to be. The nest with its single egg occupant was then place carefully back into it.
Never giving up, the lady dove came flying by again and perched on the same water tank that served as their docking point. To her amazement, there it was a beautiful metalic edifice showing an all too familiar sight. Her Casa! Delightfully, she flew and floated before it to inspect it at close range. It's all there, everything. The nest in its full glory, together with the egg she was incubating, firmly secured with twigs within its center.
She then rushed off in search of her spouse and found him at a certain location. Without saying a word, she grabbed Hubaa by the wings. "What...?" he asked, she didn't answer him but just smiled at his amused face. He followed her, knowing it would be some glad tidings, from the pleasure registered all over her brown-blueish feathers. And without disappointing him, this time around she made him hover before a fine metal box that contains their nest and as well as their dearest Dophlin. "Behold!" she proudly announced, much to the delight of her husband.
"Wooooweee! Waaaaay to go!" Hubaa exclaimed! He immediately freed his wing from Lady Dove's hold and rush off to perch on the glittering, brand new house. "Wait, wait!" she shouted after him. He screeched to an abrupt halt. "Please, let's be careful. Just in case the structure might not be quite strong, enough to bear your weight, I mean" She gently cautioned. "O common! It is solid enough to bear an elephant" he said excitedly as he landed with total confidence on the metal beauty. "Come on! Don't be scared! It's absolutely ok"
His happy and excited mood was contagious and freeing. Lady Dove followed her partner to perch on the suspended new house of theirs, a gift from Allaah through a man, who cares about their birdie welfare. The home owner came at closing time and asked if the doves have been given a befitting abode, to which an affirmative answer was given.
He was shown the shining metal box containing the nest and already, both the two doves were in the box. He raised his head, looked at them both and smiled, clearly pleased at the calmness that has surrounded them. He rewarded the roofers handsomely and despatched them off. Everybody seems to have won something. The doves, a dream home to welcome the new Dophlin. The house owner, his conscience safe-guarded. The technical hands, extra financial gains. The community, its environment conserved and lessons for all to learn.
The Qur'an says: "There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings, but they are communities like you…". - Qur'an 6:38.
The Holy Prophet (saws) said: "Whoever is kind to the creatures of God, is kind to himself."
And thus does Allaah inspire people to be good, kind and considerate, not just to their fellow humans, but also to animals and other creatures, both known and unknown. May we be among those similarly blessed with this rare gift, amin thumma amin.
Concluded... 4/4 parts
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