Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gilbert Mzenzi Mabasa's WHAT ARE YOU DOING? (In honor of the Poetic Tee)

Gilbert Mzenzi Mabasa's Acrostic Poem on a question "What are you doing?" I asked him on another poetry forum. Now for those who do not know what or how to do ENJAMBMENT, pls study closely how this master acrostic poet does it in the piece presented here...


While the first release of the gem was...
Heard by those privileged to take a sip
And taste the flavor issued without fear
The equator of the airwaves kept me afar

As Chance fell upon me to see the very
Rerun of this show my tongue clung to the
Edge of my mouth leaving me speechless

Your voice kills noise and rings loud yet
Out to soothe my trembling heart as I now
Understand that proper poets are the poetry

Dare I dance in the nakedness of my soul
Offering incomplete rating of what is complete
Is it acceptable for the novice to get the vice
Nailing the hinges of doors opened for all
God grant you more oil to let the poetry flow

(c) Gilbert Mzenzi Mabasa: The Teacher
26 June 2016

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