Tuesday, July 26, 2016

THE DOVE TRIAL (3) - A True Life Short Story

...by Tijjani Muhammad Musa
Thereafter, just as he got downstairs, the mother dove returned and landed on the water tank, positioned itself and lift off to its nest, only to find the place empty! Shocked and alarmed she stood frozen for almost 30 seconds. Her heart started pounding at a rate that almost made her swoon. "O my God! Where is my nest!!!" She turned and turned, finding the discovery unbelievable! "What! It must be these men. I'm sure of it!"
"Where have you guys dumb-heads taken my nest to?" She turned and shouted at them at the top of her voice. None of them seem to have noticed she exist, not to talk of responding to her distressed and angry shouts. Their useless shatter is all they seemed to care about. Don't they have feelings? At least one of them look like he has a family, while the other is clearly a bachelor. "Hey! Are you guys dumb!" She flutters and flips her wings to attract their attention.
One of them finally noticed. Smiling he said "Look at that poor bird. She must be wondering where her nest has disappeared to" The dove almost threw a curse at him, but restraining herself she managed barely to control her temper and ended up saying "Please let this nasty joke stop. I'm so not enjoying it. Please I beg you two. For Allaah's Sake where is my nest and the egg it contains? You have families I'm sure. Can you imagine the loss of one of your children without a trace? Can you?"
Still not getting an answer, in utter annoyance she flew off and went to seek for Hubaa, her husband. She wanted him to come and do something terrible to make these crazy people produce her lost offspring. Her home, she can always build another, but her child? Good God Allaah, how can they be so heartless? "And where in God's Name is Hubaa? I was only faking my anger when we splitted. I didn't mean it. How can he just disappear like that, especially now when I needed him the most? What kind of a bird is he?"
Without further warning, the sky broke loose letting pour its long restrained contents. Everybody including the birds and other animals scattered from under the sky, seeking where to shelter themselves from the downpour. The streets, completely deserted as the rain pelt down. The lady dove brooding and very worried, equally found a place to keep from being drenched. The rain however didn't last long and everyone was out once again to continue with the rest of their daily activities. So did the dove.
She had eventually found Hubaa and in tears she recounted all that had come to pass. The unbelievable and unacceptable terrifying actions the humans have perpetrated upon them, destroying their home and making their unborn offspring disappear. But not before she cried her heart out and profusely apologies for her misbehaviour towards him, which made him leave her in the first place. "I'm sure there must be a mistake some where. Are you certain the nest and the egg have both disappeared?" He gently asked again.
"Look, I'm telling you I've searched everywhere, Dophling and our house is gone, nowhere to found" she wailed. "Hey, calm down. You know I hate it when you cry. Please stop your tears. It is not helping matters. Come let's go and check for it thoroughly together. I'm sure we will find it somewhere." he tried to calm her down. "You know what, you go back there, let me fetch my tracker and with it once there, we will find the unhatched child wherever the birdienapperd might have kept him" So, they each headed off in different direction, once again.
Lady dove arrived, perched on the water tank and commenced her search all over again. Craning her neck, turning her head side ways, up and down, changing positions to have better views of all direction. All of a sudden she saw it. The nest containing her precious egg, intact on the aluminium corrugated roof surface, but under a cantilevered first floor. Relief poured all over her and she was tempted to immediately swoop in on the nest, to check the safety and soundness of its content, but her sixth sense kept her at bay, fearing it might be a trap, set up to catch her. You know these humans can't be trusted, she cautioned herself.
Rather than outrightly approach the lost but found treasures, she opted for. safeguarding herself first. Saying out loud to herself "Another egg I can lay" she immediately flew off to meet Hubaa. "I've seen it! I've seen it! They've laid it on the roof top, together with Dophling. I wanted to go down and immediately check and see if it was alright, but I couldn't. You know those humans can't be trusted with themselves. How much more with others. They might have expose the child as a trap to catch any of us. So, I decided to play safe" she informed him excitedly. "Come, let's go and see it"
By the time they arrived back at the site, it was getting dark and the house owner had the nest and its content taken back into the room where it was earlier kept for safe keeping and fetched to show the lady dove in order to cool her eyes and stop her from further worrying. Knowing fully well it'd be a great risk to expose her to the cats at night. The plan was to return the nest and the egg back to her the next day.
To be continued... 3/4 parts
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