Tuesday, July 26, 2016

THE DOVE TRIAL (1) - A True Life Short Story

...by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

"I told you we shouldn't have built our nest here, but you assured me it'd be ok. Now, look at what is happening" she excitedly lamented to her husband. Assuming a sense of false confidence to allay her fears, he said "Don't worry, their works will not get to where we are yet, until our egg is hatched and Purplish fully developed and fit to fly"
"High up a tree was what I wanted, like I always do. Where it is safe and free from man, his occupation and encroachment activities. But no, no, no you wouldn't hear of it" clearly not comforted by his words, the female dove complained further. "Common honey, but we had our last 5 kids up a tree and you know, I never like it in the first place, but to please you I always succumbed to your wish." He cooed around her, his voice slightly loosing its vibrancy.
"Well, look at them working. They don't even have an iota of respect for nobody, even themselves. Once they decide something will benefit them, they'll just come, arrogant, full of pomposity, bulldoze everything in their path and build their concrete abode. How many an animal have suffered a loss due to their damaging activities?" She pointed at the two human roof technicians busy chatting, while ceiling up the roof eave of a house nearing completion.
Her mate was quite for a moment, then observed "So, where do you think is safe? Remember, even up the last tree we stayed, we almost lost our child to their careless, wicked and uncivilised approach when they pulled the tree down without giving us any notice! They just came and before we could evacuate our 2 hatched chicks and the 3rd unhatched one. Though we save Bara and Tara, the other egg fell from the nest and was lost" he concluded with a pain in his voice. "Man is mean indeed!"
"So, why make us come this close to him when you know that he is truly a selfish, unconcerned soul. Why?" Her voice getting shrill, almost hysteric as the sounds of hammer and nails became louder and closer with each passing moment. "You wanted to give your son the best, is this the best you can offer? Make them stop! Make them go away! They are disturbing my poor, innocent, unhatched chick! Please do something!!!" She was uncontrollably crying now.
The male dove, helpless could not do anything but fly off the nest, which was carefully nestled in between two madobia wooden rafters, at the extreme corner of the roof eave. "O my God, o my God! Hubaaaaa! You can't do this to me! Don't tell me you are running off and leaving me to my fate! What about this egg, our chick? Darling come back! Please, I can't handle this alone!" She pleaded after her disappearing partner, who flew away without announcing his destination.

Moments later, to her relief she heard one of the workmen suggest "Man, I'm famished. Common, let's take a break to observe our afternoon salat (prayer) and then find something to eat" The other said "Good idea. But let's finish this sheet first. Help me hold it in place" So, they continued for a short while longer, before they finally stopped hammering and laid down their tools. "Let's find some water and ablute. Do we eat first before we pray or pray first?" "Kai! We eat first please" the other one replied as they dismount from their height access top.
About an hour later, they had resumed and after climbing back onto the scaffold and were about to continue from where they stopped, out of nowhere Hubaa flew back, and with a dove smile, he landed at a safe distance from his wife and said "Hi, sweet angel" She looked away, ignoring him. "O common, I had some very important situation to attend to and explaining to you then would put you in a devastated state. I can see, not telling you to excuse me served the same purpose" He said, sounding playful.
"You should be ashamed of yourself abandoning me like that!" She screamed at him. "And I don't want your explanation now. Please you can keep it to yourself. For, I really don't care whatever it is that's more important than staying with me at that distressful moment. How could you do that? Haba Hubaa" as tears of self pity overflowed her eyes. "O common honey, wipe off your tears. The problem is now solved. Just wait and see." He soothed her with some degree of confidence.
She raised her left wing, spreading it in his face, she said with a stern voice. "Go away! I'm ok. I can handle myself and my unborn child. Just leave me alone. I need some moments to myself. Please leave..." She softly said, but with finality. "Ok, if that's the way you want it. I'm leaving and don't you dear seek for me when I'm gone" without saying another word he flew off. Sadness enveloped her. May be she was too harsh. At least he did come back and did bring back some good news too. Whatever did he mean by the problem is solved?
To be continued... 1/4 parts
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